Multiple tools are given on the internet for traders. So, the trader can use those tools. To maximize the profit from every stock. In which the trader has invested their money. These tools are used to know about stocks. That whether the stock is going upwards or downwards. There are many charts and patters are given in these tools. And, a person who knows how to use such tools will make a profit from share market. Otherwise, the newcomers that come in the market who know nothing about such tools. Invest their money just based on their instinct. And, after they lose their money, they say share market is bad. People lose money here that’s all.

But the truth is people don’t use such tools to make the trade better. And, Fibonacci retracement is one of those tools. It is given the name after a famous mathematician Fibonacci. It is used to find out the support and resistance level of a particular stock. It uses the technique of Fibonacci ratio to do that. Also, it runs on the ideology that the price tends to retrace a portion after a prior trend. From that, it has found its name Fibonacci retracement.

Use Fibonacci retracement to know about stock

In Fibonacci retracement, there are three main ratios 23.6%, 38.2% and 61.8%. With the help of this, a person can easily find the reverse trend, support and resistance level of a particular stock. There are many Fibonacci Retracement Tutorial [สอนทำกำไร fibonacci Retracement, which is the term in Thai] available on the internet. That someone can use to learn about it. Use it to make more money.

Use other tools also

Don’t just rely on a single tool. Many other tools are available on the internet. Also, learn about them. Only then a person can trade better. And, can understand about the stock. Because of using many tools, a person can certainly make nice trade and earn more money.