Tax collection is handled by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) of Singapore, a government department. It is part of the Ministry of Finance and acts as the government’s chief tax advisor.

What exactly does the Internal Revenue Service do?

What does IRAS really do?

Any and all tax-related issues faced by a person, a corporation, or even a country in Singapore are handled by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). In essence, the organization’s two most significant responsibilities are the collection of all taxes and the providing of tax advice to the government.

  • This department collects taxes.
  • That’s something your Singapore accounting services provider is likely aware of.
  • Let’s take a look at IRAS’ involvement in a variety of taxes.
  • People and corporations pay income tax, which is a kind of tax placed on their earnings.

Consumers’ purchases and usage of goods and services, including imports, are subject to a consumption tax known as GST. The above-mentioned source will bill you for this, and it is usually included in the item’s price.

Owners of real estate are required to pay a property tax, which is based on the property’s estimated rental value.

  • Stamp duty is required for the purchase of real estate.
  • Stamp duty is levied on shares.
  • A kind of tax known as Withholding Tax is one that is taken out of a paycheck.

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Dividends, capital gains, and inheritance will not be taxed under this plan.

Seventy percent of government revenues are generated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRAS), which is responsible for collecting taxes and distributing them to various government programmer.

Provides government with tax advice

The Singapore government’s chief tax advisor is the Inland Revenue Authority (IRAS). Creating tax policy, providing assistance to the Ministry of Finance, and drafting tax treaties are all responsibilities of this agency. When it comes to double taxation, Singapore has almost a hundred agreements in place with other countries, allowing people to avoid being taxed in both countries.

What are some of the peculiarities of Singaporean taxes?

A territorial tax system implies that the taxes firms pay are based on where their earnings are earned, rather than where the company is registered.

The IRAS’s history is summarized in the following paragraphs:

The present condition of the body is a result of a series of events that began in 1992. Individual and corporate tax returns were first handled by the Singapore Income Tax Department, which was established in 1947, and a foundation for IRAS creation was laid in 1960 with the founding of Singapore’s Inland Revenue Department. It was established in 1961 that the IRAS was created.

The IRAS has what kind of organisational structure?

IRAS has been divided into parts to better serve individuals and companies with whom it comes into contact.

With the IRAS, how should we proceed?

In order to assess your tax condition, whether you are an individual or a company, you need go onto your IRAS personal account, commonly known as the myTax Portal.

Using your SingPass ID is required to log in to your personal account. CorpPass IDs are used by businesses.

The ability to integrate IRAS to your accounting software is possible. However, your accounting software must meet the requirements of IRAS and be included on this list of approved software.

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