Tired of standing in long queues? Waiting for your token number? Aren’t we all? Standing at the banks waiting isn’t the most fun thing to do probably.

Though banks have been these solid institutions throughout the years providing service to the overall financial mechanism, they have been quick to adapt to the changing environment around them. Keeping tap on the customer sentiment and technological advancements in the field of finance. Banking is no longer restricted to paper slips, tokens, forms or any kind of physical barrier. One does not need to get in line at the bank or fill out a slip inorder to deposit or withdraw money. No need to stand in a queue to update your pass-book or talk to the cashier anymore. Thanks to the evolution of smartphones & heavy reliance on digital advancements we’ve seen a shift in the way people prefer to bank.

Today every bank is a part of a rat race to integrate technology in all of their banking activities and processes. Net Banking or Mobile Banking has become a boon for all. Internet banking has allowed users to access all their banking requirements through a few clicks. Almost every bank in India has adopted this transition from traditional banking to modernized digital banking.

Phone banking allows users to access all their banking requirements through their mobile phones anytime and anywhere. All you need is a smartphone that has the respective banking application installed on it & a basic internet connection. Apps have made banking so advanced that one does not require to take their wallet or purse out to make a payment, everything happens digitally. No hassle to carry cash or cards for that matter. Banking has become paperless. Everything you want is available digitally.

Banking apps have become so efficient that one can easily access the numerous bank services from the comfort of their home. One can transfer money from one city to another or to any part of the world through online gateways. Instantaneous payments through UPI. One can even pay off their credit card bills, utility bills, food, entertainment, DTH, etc. through online banking. This has made the life of the consumers easy.

Not only has online banking improved our lives but has also impacted businesses a lot. Online banking has enabled businesses to flourish with quick payment methods thus leading to easier transactions.

During the pandemic most of us realised the true power of net banking. We were stranded indoors all of us had to rely on online banking in order to carry out our monetary activities. Banks in India have also introduced the concept of Video KYC from home. No physical contact is required for KYC anymore. One can just simply upload their required documents and identification, submit them online and get the KYC done via Video conferencing with the bank officials. The verifier authenticates and crosschecks the documents shared by the customer and completes various other formalities online.

Banks have truly transformed themselves into this one of a kind experience allowing the customers to bank the way they live.