The road to successfully launching a Shopify store can be smooth for some, yet bumpy for a good number of retailers, especially newbies. A good launch essential to-do list helps clear up some of the issues you might have with starting a brand-new store, and it also increases the likelihood of sales in your beginning weeks.

This checklist will give you a guide to help you develop your new store idea from the very beginning to the day you make your first sale.

Get prepared

Launching a store for profit is a business and it’s important to take it seriously. Be mentally ready to accept the challenges you will face (as well as the wins, too). Have a concrete business plan, define your goals, and keep realistic expectations. Choose a unique name for your new store, keeping in mind basic SEO and branding principles.

With the competition out there, a name that ranks high can raise the bars for you and set you miles apart from your competitors. Software like Shopify’s Business name generator can get you going on this, and the good part is, they are easy to access.

Research and add personal info

Research about the products you want to sell and make sure to seek honest reviews on how viable it is. It’s always a good idea to check the competition and to see how they have succeeded and how you can do better. This research is going to come in handy when you find yourself searching for your ideal customer.

When starting a Shopify store, you’ll be asked to fill in some vital information about yourself and your plans for your new ecommerce enterprise. You’ll need to fill out some tax information so you can get paid, as well as verify your identity.

Customize your store

Take advantage of the awesome themes, both free and premium, available on the Shopify platform to give your store a great look and to stand out from the competition. How your store looks and works goes a long way in determining your sales, and it never hurts to put your best foot forward.

You’ll also want to make sure that your site is well-organized, and that it also offers a solid mobile version for customers who would prefer to check out that way. Because mobile is such an essential part of an ecommerce store’s success nowadays, it’s important to make sure your site is optimized for that, as well.

Run tests

You’ll need to test your store before it goes live so you can see it through the eyes of your clients. Try placing an order to ensure everything is error-free and works alright and have friends and family members go through the process too so they can alert you if anything looks off. If you are planning on putting together an email list, this is also a good time to start testing that and seeing if there are any mistakes in the template you are planning on using.

Launch your store and spread the word

It’s time to launch your store online and get ready to make some sales! Now it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to promote your products and start bringing in leads that will make your new business profitable. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are all good places to start sharing what you have to offer with positional customers.

You’re on your way to start making money online with an ecommerce store! With these tips, you’ve put together a solid foundation that will help you to begin making sales and getting the word out there on your new store.