If you are going for your first assignment as travel nurse then you might be thinking how you will get around after you reach to your destination. Will you prefer to drive your own vehicle? Or will you prefer to rent a car while you fly? Or will you prefer to make use of public transportation?

An experienced travel RN might be interested in going someplace new for work and needing different transportation than they are used to, or they might simply be ready for a new means of transportation after using the same one for a time.

Another option can be transporting your car through a car shipping company like Ship A Car, Inc. However, let us see the pros of the following two options.

Pros of driving your car to the travel nursing assignment

Again, it is up to you whether you choose to drive or fly to your travel nursing employment. Driving to your travel nursing assignment has the following benefits:

  1. If you bring your own vehicle to the assignment, you can use it to go around. Here, location becomes a crucial consideration. Having a car while on assignment will probably be a huge benefit, especially if your assignment is in a tiny Texas town or somewhere else that is more automobile-friendly.
  2. You can transport more of your items when you drive to your travel nursing assignment. The majority of individuals struggle to pack for 13 weeks in a carry-on!
  3. Make a lovely road trip and set out early! You might make it a liberating solo mission or perhaps go along with a pal.
  4. Speaking of company, driving enables you to easily accommodate any accompanying dogs. 

Pros of flying to your travel nursing assignment

  1. Flying is more rapid. A plane ticket is unquestionably the ticket for you if time is a factor. Some folks simply don’t enjoy travelling by car. Additionally, driving occasionally may result in a breakdown or flat tire, and nobody likes to begin a new task or get lost in the middle of nowhere.
  2. If you prefer, take some luggage! Flying is probably for you if you prefer the feeling of travelling light. Simply check a few bags, pack what you can in your carry-on, and board the plane. 
  3. In larger cities with efficient public transportation, you probably won’t want the hassle of a car. Even when you fly, you can take day trips! Many larger cities have excellent intercity trains and buses that will still let you go on enjoyable excursions on your days off even if you don’t want the hassle of having your automobile with you.

In the end, whatever decision you make, trust that everything will turn out to be okay! Additionally, as your travel nursing career progresses, you will become more adept at selecting the right course of action for each assignment, place, and circumstance.

You can always contact your recruiter for help if you are still unsure about what to do for your upcoming assignment in the interim. They are a really great resource for you because they have witnessed the development of countless assignments. Count on them for assistance and counsel!