Invoicing is about requesting a payment. Basically an invoice shows a list of products/services that you have provided to your customers, and the amount of money they owe you. Invoicing is always an important part to the survival of a healthy business and you need to absolutely get your invoices done right. All businesses are required to keep copies to show what revenue they have earned, and the tax they may have collected on the sale. Businesses need to comply with the tax office requirements from their country. Therefore, invoices are a big part of tax documents.

Invoicing is about keeping track of income and expenses, and can become very repetitive and time consuming tasks for many businesses that do things in more traditional ways. It can even mess your dealines that you’ve carefully set by using time tracking software But invoicing can be made much simpler when businesses can implement them through the using of the Xero accounting software. One major advantage of Xero is the ability to create professional invoices. With Xero, you do not only get to use the professionally designed invoicing process, but more importantly you can create an invoice online and send your customer a secure link to it. It is simple, and you can see when your customer opens invoice you have sent to him/her. The thing that is even better is the online invoices let you include a ‘pay now’ button. The payment button would normally trigger a quicker payment completion by customers. A customer can just click through to pay immediately using their choice of payment: Credit card, debit card, an online payment wallet (such as PayPal), or more.

The Xero accounting software is suitable for small businesses and startups in many different industries including retail, high tech, non-profit, legal, hospitality, healthcare, farming, manufacturing, tourism, real estate, cafes, construction, ecommerce, Amazon sellers, and more. Xero provides a low cost strategy and a set of methods and tools for small businesses to efficiently handle a relatively large amount of invoicing, payments, etc. You can execute many operations within the Xero software. Below are just some examples.

Invite other people / your coworkers / your team members / accounting professionals to become Xero users and start using it.

Create financial performance reports and budgets. You won’t have to wait till the end of each month.

Do all the invoicing, create expense claims, and track sales and income through your mobile phones (i.e. iPhone & Android apps).

Connect to bank accounts: Connect your bank account so your latest bank transactions can automatically show up in Xero’s reports.

It is secure with SSL encryption – SSL is a great protocol when protecting your data.

Xero lets you integrate with at least 700 apps.

When you have set up Xero properly and correctly, you should be able to manage all the cash flow by seeing all the quotes, invoicing, etc.

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