Printers have been serving the business world for centuries. For most of that time, they have provided letterhead stationery, envelopes, invitations, flyers, and other custom paper products. Today when a local client orders printing Las Vegas professionals are likely to be creating unique marketing products. Thanks to advanced digital technology and improved materials, artisans can produce stunning event backdrops, stands, displays, and banners. Printers also fabricate versatile, eye-catching signs.

Step and Repeat Backdrops

Today virtually every media event results in photos of famous people posed in front of backgrounds featuring the name of well-known companies. The backdrops are called step-and-repeat banners and sometimes known as “press walls.” They are typically decorated with images and company logos in a pattern repeated many times. Printers create this type of advertising medium in sizes and shapes to meet every need. Businesses often place press walls in locations at special events to help brand their names on the minds of passersby. Everyone who gets a photo from a show also sees that repeat pattern each time they look at the picture.

Custom Stands and Displays

Las Vegas printers can provide clients with banner stands and displays that are used for a variety of purposes. They are ideal for museums, car lots, storefronts, and trade shows. Presentations could consist of retractable stands, roll-up and message banners, flags, and pop-up displays. Printing specialists design and create displays and stands in a wide range of sizes. Each one is designed to have a stunning visual impact.

Unique Advertising Banners

Custom banners are part of most marketing campaigns because they are affordable, long-lasting, versatile, and useful. Printers make banners to fit so that clients can choose standard sizes or select custom displays. Artisans can often provide versions that are up to 16 feet wide and 145 feet long. Clients may choose from vinyl, mesh, and blackout banners that are sturdy enough to stand up to outdoor conditions.

One-of-a-Kind Signage

Clients depend on established printers to quickly provide affordable, eye-catching signs. Most printers offer Coroplast signs that are light, easy to work with, and great for short-term projects. Technicians make signage in a variety of colors and shapes and will add any graphics and messages that customers like. Signs are so easy to handle that clients can easily pull up several and move them to another location. Coroplast signage is typically used for political campaigns, real estate, garage sales, point-of-purchase sales, directions, and yard sales.

Wall Murals and Wraps

Experienced printers also design wall wraps that are mostly huge images that take up entire walls. Artisans make murals and printed wraps for interior or exterior walls. Some business owners order wall wraps when they want an ambiance that cannot be created with paint or wallpaper. Commercial clients might also order advertising murals to cover walls that block the view of their storefronts.

The business community relies on printers for a variety of colorful, effective advertising products. Printers design and create custom banners as well as banner stands and displays. They fabricate sturdy, versatile Coroplast signs as well as over-sized murals and advertisements.