The role of the control desk professional is tied to planning. It is his responsibility to monitor the activities in real time in order to know if the work is going the way and in the planned time. This task is of utmost importance to all other processes as it is possible to identify faults and correct them quickly.

The Absence

With the absence of the control desk, it is only possible to know that the planned execution failed after a day or even a month, according to the stipulated deadline, causing losses that could have been prevented.

  • It is also up to the control desk to work on adding new portfolios, setting up dialing orders, determining the messages to be sent, and all the actions required for planning to take effect.
  • In addition to paying attention to planning deadlines, the control desk manager can help align the operation more assertively. It is he, for example, who will check whether the approach roadmap is effective with customers and whether operators are using appropriate language. This way, in addition to improving results, it can avoid consumer rights issues by detecting offensive approaches early on.

Billing Operator

All the planning just makes sense for the billing operator’s job to happen. He is responsible for contacting debtors, conducting negotiations and settling. It is his role to argue with clients in order to achieve debt recovery.

  • The most important point in choosing a good billing operator is to look at your personal and business profile.
  • There are collections advisors that deal with more delicate collections involving higher amounts, such as vehicle financing. In such cases, the billing operator needs to be an even more focused and patient person, as this type of payment does not usually happen immediately, but requires negotiations and the certainty of formal recognition of agreements for future needs.

For simpler billing, such as phone bills, operators may be more imperative, seeking a promise of short-term payment. You can take the help of the commercial credit collection agency  in this case.


After planning, monitoring and execution it is necessary to perform the work measurement. The professional responsible for delivering performance results is MIS. The acronym comes from English Management Information Systems which can be translated into Portuguese as a management information system, GIS.

The MIS professional is focused on extracting data from all operations that are presented as reports to managers. In addition, it is through reading the MIS professional that management can easily analyze results and make more assertive based decisions.

MIS work can determine, for example, the rate of receipt from an operator and all staff. This facilitates the measurement of planning success and facilitates the creation of internal goals.

Credit recovery and recovery

You probably associate credit recovery with collection. This is because these terms are often used synonymously. But what you probably don’t know yet is that they are different for billing advisors, even though the same office can do both. Understand the differences between them and why this can help to have better results.