Singapore is one of the top and leading business destinations in the world. With a robust economy, a highly skilled workforce and a stable government, it is no wonder that many corporations choose to set up their business in the city-state. However, setting up a business can be complex without company secretary services in Singapore.

Here are the reasons why you need secretarial:


Singapore has strict laws and regulations governing the formation and operation of businesses. Company secretary services in Singapore can help you navigate through the process, guaranteeing compliance.

It does not only protect the corporation from legal repercussions but also helps it to maintain a good reputation with the local authorities.


Besides the company formation, company secretaries can also help assist business people in navigating through the city-state laws. The country has a highly competitive business environment, and corporations need to be aware of the various laws, regulations, and customs, such as the corporate tax in Singapore, that apply to their operations.

A company secretary can provide valuable advice and guidance on these matters, helping corporations to make informed decisions that can positively impact their business.


Another area where company secretaries are very helpful is administrative operations. It can include preparing and filing annual returns, maintaining company records, managing share transactions, and dealing with business registration in Singapore.

A company secretary can take care of these tasks on behalf of the corporation, freeing up time and resources that can be utilised elsewhere.


A part of a secretary’s task is to provide operation support concerning governing issues. Corporations should adhere to strict governance standards to ensure efficient and effective operations management.

Furthermore, a company secretary can assist corporations with matters such as board meetings, shareholder meetings, and the preparation of minutes. It not only helps to ensure that the corporation is operating in a compliant manner but also helps to build trust with stakeholders.


Another advantage most people overlook about having company secretary services in Singapore is their industry insight. With so many businesses operating in Lion City, corporations should stay ahead of the curve.

A company secretary can provide valuable insights into industry trends and help corporations to identify opportunities for growth and expansion. It can be vital for corporations looking to expand into new markets or introduce new products and services.

Secretaries are one of the backbones of a company. Without them, the company will gradually crumble. It is why many hire only the best secretaries in the country.Paul Hype Page & Co provide top-notch company secretary services in Singapore. Visit Paul Hype Page & Co today.