Over the past few decades, remarkably large numbers of people from different walks of life prefer to live in fashionable, spacious and luxurious condo than freehold home and apartment due to ample of benefits. At present, as the whole world is fighting against deadly coronavirus and to prevent the spread of the virus most of the people are staying home.  It is great opportunity for people living in condo to grow balcony garden for condos ( แต่งระเบียงคอนโดwhich is the term in Thai) and simultaneously they can  enhance the greenery, ambience and harmony of their balcony along with promoting good health.

Utilize the best

Everybody loves a luscious garden on their balcony with vibrant flowers and vegetables but not all have the space. If you have adequate space in your balcony you can transform your ordinary balcony into a place of rest, relaxation and fresh air. As the number of COVID-19 infected patients is increasing most of the companies are implementing work from home policies. To stay productive at the working hours you can choose your balcony garden as workplace and can improve the surrounding energy.

Focus on garden area

Nowadays there are ample of options to create beautiful balcony garden. But to get the best result from your balcony garden you need to consider few essential aspects beforehand

  • How big Is the space
  • How much sun, heat and cold does the space get
  • How Much time and effort you will be able to give your gardens
  • Easily availability of water
  • What do you want to grow flowers or vegetables
  • Your budget

Popular options

Choosing the right type of garden balcony is crucial as not all spaces are made for all gardens. Some of the popular options are

  • Japanese style
  • Vertical garden
  • Minimalist condo garden landscaping
  • The Hanging Garden
  • Deck Balcony
  • Rail Garden
  • Rustic Drawer Planters

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