Your electric heating must allow you to benefit at any time of a comfortable and pleasant heat to live. Before choosing your electric heating solution, it is essential to first determine the one that meets your expectations in terms of comfort. With chauffage mural it is simple now.

We see you coming from here “Yes, but how do you measure the quality of your comfort?” Do not panic, we explain.

To measure the quality of your comfort, there are several criteria to take into account:

A homogeneous temperature

Wherever you are in your room, the heat stays the same.

Inertial heat

Inertia gives you a stable temperature, without variation or jerks.

Gentle heat

The heat from your device gives you a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Air quality

The air in your room is not dried up by too aggressive heat.

Rapid diffusion of heat

This is the time it takes to reach the desired temperature in your room.

Currently there are 4 major different types of products in the field of electric heating:

  • convectors (type Lucky)
  • the radiant (Sundoro type)
  • the radiators simple heating body (type Bachata)
  • dual heating radiators (Malao type)

Each of its devices works differently, and offers you a different comfort:

Size your electric heating

Where are you found the heating solution that best fits your expectations? From now on it is necessary to determine its good dimensioning. It could not be easier. You just have to calculate the necessary power taking into account the space available.

The necessary power is calculated according to 3 criteria:

The surface or the volume of the room: in general, one counts 100W / m2 or 40W / m3 (for that, one multiplies the surface of the room by the height under ceiling). For example, a room of 10m ² will require a power of 1000W, a room of 50m3 will need a device of 2000W.

The geographical situation: the outside temperature and the climate have their impact on the interior temperature. The power required must be increased by 10% for every 500 m of altitude and reduced by 5 to 10% for sunny rooms.

The quality of the insulation: a good thermal insulation can allow a significant reduction of the energy consumption. Think about it: Appropriate power and optimized insulation will ensure optimal comfort.

Attention, it is better to better heat a room to ask several devices rather than one. If your living room is 20m² and you need 2000W to heat evenly your room, choose 2 electric heaters of 1000W rather than one of 2000W.

Do you have space constraints?

You live in an old apartment, an architect’s house, a small studio?

Whether you are faced with cramped spaces, a presence of windows or essential architectural elements. It offers solutions in formats adapted to these constraints of space.

Before you decide, take your measurements.

Choose the programming that suits you

That’s it, you’ve finally arrived at the fateful step, the last step in the choice of your radiator. What are your lifestyle habits? Classic or completely random use of time? Depending on your habits and needs, it is important to choose the programming that suits you best.

Discover the 4 types of programming possible:

The predefined programs: you choose the program that corresponds to each day of the week.