Webull is a relatively new stick broker proving zero commission trading. It is situated as a viable choice for Robinhood. Webull Financial LLC is a FINRA listed broker-dealer located in New York and authorized to control in 53 states. There is no minimum payment to open an account for fixed trading. Margin trading needs the smallest account balance. If balance or value falls under net value, then forced liquidation will be implemented. Like Robinhood, Webull also has a free stock referral promotion where both the user and the newly-referred clients receive a free single share of stock value depending on the successful registration. Webull lets users choose demo or simulation trading to kick the tires and get acclimated to the tools with real-time quotes and charts for US markets. You can get some about idxdjx-dwli details at https://www.webull.com/quote/idxdjx-dwli. Stop limit orders are also accepted. All limit orders are good for today’s type, and no GTC orders available.

Webull Commissions And Fees

Webull provides commission-free trading for over 9000 US stocks and ETFs with no charges to open or keep the account. Webull financial debuts options trading recent. As the newest addition to Webull’s extensive list of trade offerings, Options Trading was added to the platform as a result of both customer feedback, and the company’s overarching goal to make Webull a top destination for all traders. There are no account maintenance fees or software fees. Therefore, FINRA and SEC fees along with margin rate fees will apply to traders. US market data is free and real-time. Universal market data need fee-based subscriptions available through the app.

Webull Platforms

The Webull trading platform is packed with tools designed to enhance insights and decision making for traders and investors. Both technical and fundamental analysis is supported during advanced features and natural design. The added convenience from the natural placement and consistent performance of the tools cannot be understood. It is a purely mobile app-based platform for today. There is no web or online access to the platform. The platform will not be as latest as a desktop platform such as DAS trader; hence the depth of characteristics makes it a competition killer compared to most of the simpler trading apps.

The real-time candlestick, line charts, and bar can be set from one minute up to a 60-minute time frame going back over five years. Price and momentum indicators ranging from exponential moving averages, MACD and RSI oscillators help enhance price action interpretation. Level 2 data is accessible for a data-free. Webull enables users to know the fundamental company operations, compounds, performance and what is moving the stock price. Traders can also save articles and post comments on particular stocks. More information about idxdjx-bktcn at https://www.webull.com/quote/idxdjx-bktcn.