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What kind of hassle one has a face for getting the followers from their site?

This is the most mentioned query mentioned by the people as they claim that they avoid buying Instagram followers because they are not ready to face a hassle one  has to do to get on their website. You must be clear with the fact that the website has a very relevant user interface, and even an individual who is accessing it for the very first time can use it without the guidance of an expert. They will only be required with your email address and choose the package according to your suitability. Within a very short time, you will notice a boom in the traffic on your account.

Are they getting a long term benefit from it?

 Yes, if you are paying money to buy Instagram followers, then you will have an investment for a long time period. Once they have offered you a specific number of followers, as mentioned in your package.  It will be your duty to upload the best quality content on your profile. The content offered by you will become only a source that will sustain them on your website. If they are influenced by the content, then they will have a long term attachment with you, and even they will recommend your profile to their known ones, which will be going to be a great thing for you.

Is there any fixed limit to by followers for their site?

 No, there is no certain limit as they are offering different types of packages from which you can choose the best one. If you will land on their website to buy Instagram followers, then you will notice that they have various sections of the packages of followers. From which you have to choose the one according you requirement and budget. Once you will select it and make the payment, they will start their delivery within 5 minutes. If you have even a little equerry regarding their service, you can contact them anytime, and they will give you a solution for it.