Why is cryptocurrency so popular? Why are people crazy about them? Tweets about crypto? Why is Elon crazy about dogecoin? There are too many questions to address but let’s dive right into a few basics of cryptocurrencies and how they have impacted massively.

What is cryptocurrency?

Digital currency? Right, it is but here’s a catch. Cryptocoins are digital forms of money with a blockchain ( i.e a massive chain of transactions) on its back. While digital fiat money is just cash printed in binary code. This chain of transactions is highly secured with cryptography. Surprisingly it’s believed that a blockchain theory is nearing to doom the business of Uber. Unbelievable but yes! It’s true.

Understood the concept behind cryptocurrency but why are people crazy about it?

It’s a major revamp! Crypto has set its foot in online gaming, digital assets. In the future, it’s going to be on its way to dispersing electricity around cities lacking it. Heavy facts to know but let’s understand them one by one. NFTs are digital assets that can be any art online. Could be a photograph, graphics, meme or even a tweet. Did you know that the first tweet was sold as an NFT (non-fungible token) for $2.9 million? NFTs are singular copies of the art that can be tracked on the ethereum blockchain ( another blooming cryptocurrency). Heard about crypto kitties? The popular crypto game that shook the gaming industry.

All this is stimulating! Where can I find a directory to learn more about crypto before I invest?

You don’t need a directory, there are tons of crypto apps online that should help you as a learner and also as an expert investor. Just search “cryptocurrencies” and you will land upon great apps for crypto. One such app is CoinMarketCap. This app helps you track live price changes in cryptocurrencies. Helps you prepare a watchlist of coins you want to personally keep track of. Moreover, graphical charts and analysis should help you learn how bitcoin works today!

Last question! Why is Elon Musk crazy about dogecoin? And doge really was a meme coin?

Dogecoin was created as a joke originally. For the logo’s sake, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer gave the “Shiba dog meme” as a face to their currency. The only reason dogecoin was created was to give suggestions to Reddit content creators for their memes, art, and posts. Unpredictable as any cryptocurrency can be, dogecoin bloomed in the market. On April 2nd, 2019 Elon Musk tweeted “Dogecoin could be my favourite cryptocurrency. It’s a lot of fun”. When it was asked why Musk prefers Doge, all we got was that Elon loves memes and dogs.

Lastly, this is just a small article pulling out the interesting facts about cryptos but it is highly advisable to download a crypto app as there is much more to it.