Do you often reminisce over a picture of a perfectly laid out home? Do you often ask the question- why doesn’t my home look like that? Well, the task is much more straightforward than you might think. Creating Pinterest walls for your dream home, is a step ahead, but you need to act for it to happen.

Once, you have the right inspiration and the directions, decorating or restyling your home is a piece of cake. Knowing the art of creating a balancing between different elements in your personal space is a useful skill. This is especially true if you have hired an interior decorator to remodel you home and now its your turn to give it a personal touch.

Here are some tips that you can use to style your home just the way you want.

  1. Choosing a style for your space

The layout or the way in which your home is constructed is an important factor for designing your home. You need to decide on the elements so that each piece is cohesive with the other.

Formulate a rough layout of the way you want to your home to look like. You can draw a rough sketch or make use of platforms like Pinterest for better visualization and creative inspirations.

  1. Equate the available space

You need to remain practical while designing your home. You cannot integrate everything into one space in the hopes of it looking amazing. Bad calculation will make your home look more cluttered than ever.

  1. Colours can make or break your home

You might be an avid purple or quartz person, but not every colour that is likeable otherwise looks good as an element of your personal space. Colours have a deeper psychology and it is highly relevant for home designing purposes.

Choose a subtle colour theme that complement the furniture, wall hangings, the carpeting, etc of your home. Make an inventory of everything you have in a space and draw out a conclusion if the colour scheme of your choice goes well with each element.

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