In order to avail your insurance benefits, a claim has to be made to the insurance providing company after the accident as soon as possible. The insurer will pay the charges for damages caused to any third party if your claim is found to be genuine. To claim your insurance in case of any unforeseen circumstances, the following steps are to be followed:

Contact your insurer as soon as possible after the occurrence of the accident and inform them of the entire incident. Contact the police and file a FIR providing the necessary details of the mishap, the location, details of the car, the owner’s name etc.  Fill and sign your claim papers and a surveyor will be assigned by your insurer to assess the entire incident and calculate the damages caused.

You need to submit all required documents as asked by your insurer to help them justify and accept your claim. The following documents need to be submitted with the claim form:

  • Photocopy of your insurance cover
  • First Information Report (FIR) filed with the police
  • Properly filled and signed the claim form
  • Photocopy of the registration certificate of your vehicle
  • Copy of your driver’s license
  • A rough estimate of damages caused and repairs
  • Medical prescriptions in case of any physical injuries

Formalities for making a car insurance claim

When a car accident has occurred, the policyholder can make two different types of claims, namely, the third-party claim, if damages have been caused to any other person due to the accident and own damage claim in case the policyholder’s car has been damaged.

Third-party claim

A third-party claim can be made against another vehicle in cases where damage has been caused by other vehicles to your car or yourself. In such incidents, medical expenses, compensation of losses caused can be claimed. Also, if your car has hit someone else’s vehicle and damages have been caused to any third person, your insurance providing company will cover the expenses caused to the other party.

Things are to be done according to the below-mentioned steps:

  • Receive all details about the third-party vehicle damaged by your car or that has caused damage to your car. Then you should inform your insurer about the accident as soon as possible within 24 hrs.
  • Submit a filled and signed third party claim form to your insurer. If you are the victim and someone else’s vehicle has caused damage to yourself and your vehicle, the application is to be made against the vehicle owner.
  • Contrarily, if damage has been caused by your vehicle to any third party, the Claim has to be made with your insurance company.
  • File an FIR and mention details like registration number of the car damaged, license number, name and contact number of the policyholder.
  • Meanwhile, another case has to be filed to the motor accident claims tribunal which has jurisdiction over the place where the accident occurred or where the policyholder and the third-party resides.

Own damage claim

This type of claim is made in case of damage or loss caused to oneself due to the accident. Your insurance providing company will incur expenses related to healthcare and repairs if your claims are assessed to be genuine and authentic. A person becomes eligible to fill this type of claim only if the person has a comprehensive insurance policy.

Before claiming your insurance, thoroughly check your vehicle and yourself and see if there are any medical injuries caused which need medical help. Within 24 hours of the occurrence of the accident, a properly filled and signed claim form has to be submitted to your insurer, failing which your claim can be repudiated. Give details such as model, colour, registration number of your vehicle and other relevant details and assess the damages caused. You might avoid claiming if damages caused are not major. Getting into a trifle with the third party should be avoided to prevent unnecessary confusions in the process. Don’t submit your statement to the police unless you are sure about it. After doing the required formalities, take your car for repairs after an inspection.

If you are offered a Cashless Claim facility by your insurer, take your vehicle to any service center and get all necessary repairs done without paying a penny from your pocket.your insurer will pay the service center directly. The type of coverage your insurance company will provide depends on the nature of the accident, your claim, and the type of damage caused. Your insurance company will represent you and if your claim is found to be legit, your insurer will bear all charges accordingly.

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