Role of Social Media in Brand Building | Loyal Web Solutions

It is not easy to have a large number of social media followers. Most of the people struggle for years to get one or two thousands followers in total. However, there are some people who instantly get a hundred thousand followers. In a few months, they may even reach a million followers.

How can you get followers fast?

The people with huge social media following either got lucky or they spent a good amount of money on advertisement.

The reason people pay lot of money for social media and search engine ads is that they know they are going to get their investment back with a lot of profit. Social media does not only let you connect with people. It also lets you make money if you have a lot of followers.

How to make money when you have lots of followers

There are several methods to make money on social media. You can give paid shoutouts. People who are just starting their social media journey are willing to pay influencers good money for a shoutout. You can easily make $10-$50 for simple shoutout with a hundred thousand followers account.

You can also sell your own merchandise. It also helps with marketing and helps you establish as a brand.

Print your logo on your merchandise. Hire a designer for a cool fashion design [desain busana, which is the term in Indonesian] that is exclusive to your products only.

When people use those products, others around them will also notice your logo and unique design. You will get more customers that way.

Selling an account

You can even sell your account for a huge price. There are many companies and businesses that are in need of a social media account with large following instantly. They can pay you good money for your active account. You can easily earn from $5000-$35000 for a niche account.