We are going to see some tricks to create first page on google friendly posts one by one to help you improve the creation of your content.

Search Keywords (And Use Them As You Touch)

We assume that you know your target audience perfectly, don’t you?

Well, in that case, step 0 would already be clear, and we can take action.

You have to start by doing good keyword research that guides you through creating your content and position it.

The keywords have to be distributed throughout the text so that Google understands well what the main topic is.

Optimize The URL

To facilitate positioning on Google, the URL must be 100% optimized for the keyword or subject matter that the content is about.

Use infallible headlines and descriptions. How many posts are made and shared on the Internet on the same topic?

In the title, you have to add the exact touch of creativity to differentiate yourself.

Create A Good Structure

The inverted pyramid structure is the one usually used to organize content most clearly.

It is about keeping the reader’s attention, dosing the points of interest to the end.

What is done is to concentrate the most relevant information at the beginning of the post, then the most important details, then some general ideas and last, but not least, the conclusions.

Bet On The Links

Including links within the text will also be useful to optimize your post.

But like everything in this life, do it with common sense that brings real value.

Includes only those links that are related to the topic being discussed, that complement what they are looking for and provide valuable information for the reader.

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