Partnerships are a common form of business organization in India, particularly for a medium-scale business. With a partnership, you join forces with another person to run a business, sharing the profits. To register your partnership in India, you must first create a partnership deed, then register that deed with the Registrar of Firms. Partnership firm registration isn’t required, but provides proof of the existence of your firm and allows you to switch to a different form of organization, such as an LLP or a company, more easily.

Note: Before going ahead with the registration process, a business has to check company name availability to ensure that the proposed name selected does not contain any word as prohibited under the Companies Act, 2013. You can conduct a company name check here.

Partnership Firm Naming Rules

  • A name for partnership firm will be limited to the name(s) of the proprietor/accomplices or a name which is as of now being used.
  • A Partnership firm name list may incorporate the name(s) of the member(s)as it/they show up in the Register of Members.
  • The name of partnership firm will not contradict the arrangements of The Names and Emblems (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950 or any change/re-authorization thereof.
  • The Partnership firm name might be suffixed by the additions “and Co.”, “and Company” or “and Associates”. Be that as it may, any postfixes that might be viewed as unwanted by the Council will not be permitted.
  • “And”/”&” could be utilized as a part of between the principal name/center name/surname including initials thereof, of the accomplices of the firm.
  • The name of a Partnership firm may likewise be permitted without the utilization of the postfixes “and Co.”, “and Company” or “and Associates” gave full first names as well as full center names or potentially full surnames of the accomplices are utilized. Additionally, in such cases, “and”/”and” is obligatory to be utilized either in the middle of the full first names as well as full center names or potentially full surnames of the accomplices or before the last full first name/full center name/full surname of the accomplices.
  • A Partnership firm name, which has no association with the name of the member(s) as above, will not be permitted.
  • Name of partnership firm viz. Fire, Smash, Leader, Champion, Mastermind, Super, Supreme etc.shall not be permitted.
  • The name, center name, and surname of the part will adjust to the name, center name and surname as they show up in the enroll of individuals.
  • In the event that any adjustment in the status of the firm from singular firm to organization firm or the other way around, the firm name as of now been being used by any of the accomplice or individual could be affirmed given there is no protest by any of the accomplices or person.
  • A Partnership firm name that was being used by a proprietor or accomplices will not be permitted to some other part of individuals for a time of three long stretches of the conclusion of the firm. The name might be re-distributed to a similar part or individuals up to a time of three long periods of the closer of the firm. In case of expulsion of the name of a honing part, after the expiry of the time of three years, the said exchange/firm might be permitted to any part or individuals who are qualified for a portion of such name under the rules.
  • Any reconstitution of the firm with a similar firm name shall not have an impact aside from the earlier endorsement of the Council as per Regulation 170.

Here in this article, we have understood the partnership firm naming rules, it will surely be useful for you to grow your business.

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