Plasma cutters are the latest technology that came into existence in the late 20th century. They were considered to be an expensive investment then and thus, only professionals owned them. But today, these tools can be availed at cheaper rates and can be bought by hobbyists as well. 

Plasma cutting machine (เครื่อง ตัด ลา ม่า, which is the term in Thai), has a nozzle and an electrode working as a cathode and anode simultaneously. When they are in contact plasma starts flowing through them pushing the nozzle forward to cut the metal sheets. There are different ways to work on the machines but the most common is the arc principle. They can cut metals such as copper, brass, steel, and iron.

Inverter Plasma Cutters:

Again, technology plays a key role here. These machines require less power and are small in size due to the inverter postulates. The transformers used are small and their primary work is to rectify the supply of the mains to the DC.

They work on the IGBT mechanics that never fails activation of the arc. Commonly there is a change of electrical energy into heat energy, leading to the melting of metals where the nozzle touches it.

Characteristics of the Machine:

  • They give shapes and sizes to the metal sheets by cutting or trimming.

  • The machines can be limited to the speed of cutting.
  • The IGBT installed technology saves a lot of electrical energy.
  • The cutting is neat and clean.
  • They have an automatic defense system from the air in the surrounding that may deter the chemical change.
  • The nozzle ray is only directed towards the limited area on the work piece preventing bad cutting.
  • They require constant current voltage for functioning.
  • They are also used in giving different shapes overall. 



Their primary use is to pass through the electrically conductive metals cutting them on its way. They can be used for trimming sheets as well as heavy metals.

Safety Precautions:

When you are working with electrically active machines, you have to take detailed precaution with yourself like, use a light mask (หน้ากาก ปรับ แสง, term in Thai), to save yourself from arc eyes and scars from the debris. Choose a perfect type of helmet according to the requirement. One should work with a green lens shade for additional safety. Work with the gloves. 

The plasma cutting machines and safety equipment are available on online sites dealing in these areas of expertise. For those who are very much interested in home welding and cutting of metals, the machine is available at cheaper rates online, you just need to surf it.