The truth about Hong Kong not fully locking down is that Hong Kong has self-imposed a lockdown. You see, the citizens themselves were responsible enough to take safety measures and cautions, and that is why the government didn’t have to impose any solitary.

So, even if international news channels say Hong Kong hasn’t been locked down, many companies had to close their operations, and the economy slowed a lot.

Employers Finding it Difficult to Keep their Employees.

Some businesses have completely closed, for example, in the tourism sector. So, it is only natural for companies to be struggling to pay their employees. It could be alarming for some firms, but they will need to fulfil their roles and responsibilities rather than being overwhelmed with the thoughts and efforts of getting the business back up.

Health is Still the Main Concern

The world has had a pandemic, and it has affected everyone. What we all need to understand is that even if the government has made plans for Opening up Hong Kong Economy with the Economy Relaunch campaign, the virus is far from over. There are no vaccines made whatsoever, and an outbreak could still be as damaging as it was when COVID-19 was discovered.

The best thing that offices can do is let their employees work from home. Telecommunication should always be preferred over physical travel, and even if employees need to go to the office, they should be able to work in a safe environment. This means social distancing, staggering work schedules to make sure only a minimal number of workers are in the office at a time, and taking note of proper cleanliness and hygiene.

Laying Off Employees is the Last Resort

Redundancy is a common term in the business world right now, but the firing of employees should only be done after the firm has tried every other option. Alternatives would be temporary layoffs, salary cuts, upskilling and cross-skilling, etc. Also, the government recently announced the Employers Financial Aid Hong Kong, which provides monetary support for companies for employee retention.