A no-fee VISA card is essential to help us buy stuff and pay later whenever we want. It also gives a loan limit of up to ten lakhs to help us improve and build our good credit score. Moreover, we always enjoy having a simple, innovative, and transparent app that helps us track and manage our expenses, get cashback and discount coupons, and provide a superior customer experience. Working professionals and unpaid interns are eligible for a credit card and easy loan approval. The best part is that anyone above eighteen can apply to get a card for shopping.

Why Should We Have A Virtual Credit Card?

  • A free card that comes with no annual fees and hidden charges.
  • We get up to a certain percentage of cash back on every online transaction and gain insights into our spending habits with a digital passbook.
  • Users get instant cash back and a UPI pay later option when purchasing something on e-commerce platforms including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Zomato, Swiggy, and more by using a credit card.
  • We can instantly transfer money from the credit card to our bank or Paytm account.

Best-In-Class Features Of An Online Credit Card:

  1. Get Credit Score:

A credit score is an essential measure of our financial health, and a good credit score can help us quickly get a money loan or a credit card. Credit scores usually range between 300-900; generally, a score above 750 can be considered excellent by lenders and preferred for granting a virtual credit card.

  1. Ultimate Finance Manager:

We can quickly check bank balances for multiple bank accounts, track our latest transactions, and use UPI for business. Credit card spending analytics are also available on the platform to check our credit card outstanding and track our spending easily.

  1. Repayment Tenure:

Customers applying for an urgent loan should never forget that instant personal loans usually have a shorter repayment tenure, from three months to five years. Moreover, the annual percentage rate of a personal loan may vary within a specific limit depending upon the applicant’s profile and the lender.

  1. Penalty Charges:

However, in case of a change of payment mode or any delay or non-payment of EMIs, additional charges and penalty charges may also be applicable, depending on the lender’s policy. In addition, depending upon the lender, prepayment options may or may not be available and appropriate.

  1. Simple & User-Friendly:

An online credit card is mainly built on simplicity, transparency, and giving control back to the user. It has a user-friendly interface and a secure experience and offers us peace of mind because of the advanced technology stack.

A new type of credit card is essential for the mobile generation, and it has not changed much for over half a century. A dedicated team of seasoned bankers, technologists, and designers set to redefine credit card meaning for all the customers. Using a credit card is significant in tracking our available balance, managing our credit limit, efficiently managing bill payments, managing supplementary cards, and, most importantly, viewing and downloading spending statements.



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