Market your product and gain the trust of your customer by sending them a free, non-breakable sample of your product. Ensure success by ensuring that they have the right information about you and your company. A sampling company allows you to do all this, and more – including real-time, secure shipping reports.

We offer you a product sample. Now we are looking for agents. We need Farmers, mechanics, doctors, Etc. Our method is simple, if you have any of the above jobs, please let us know your detailed information such as Email, Full Name, Address (Postcode/ZIP code), Phone Number (Home phone & Mobile phone). Then you will be our agent. We will provide thousands of potential customers and business owners with free product samples, good quality, and attractive designs that make people happy.

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The product sample is an effective promotion tool. Like the MVP, it’s a way to make a good first impression and to introduce a new product. It is inexpensive, quick to produce, easy to distribute, and able to convert potential customers into loyal customers. It also has a huge influence on the buying decision of customers. At the same time, via some measures of publicity such as reviews, advertising or social media, promotional events, etc., product samples can also play a role in building your brand’s reputation and strengthening consumer awareness of your brand.

Free samples provided by manufacturers, our platform will help set up manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers, exchange information and business opportunities. We sample all the latest items from makeup, skincare, body, and diet to you. Always deliver high-quality products and a memorable experience to your customers, while maximizing your profit margins.

Our company is a customer-oriented sample company that integrates research and development, production, and sales, located in China “Sample Capital”. Our company has a strong technical force, solid production capacity, and advanced equipment. We are committed to creating your dream website, quality assured services, and competitive price products. Our key service includes business gifts, plastic samples, metal cases, beauty care products, toys, foods/food packages/ cooking accessories/jewelry boxes storage /home goods.

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New options have been added to the service package. You may now send products or samples to the people of your choice. We will mail them out of their packages, which you can customize. For example, you can provide a package with a project report and a packaging box. The samples include Travel bags, cloth/apparel, cosmetics/beauty equipment, electric appliance/multi-functional tool, tea/coffee equipment, mobile phone accessories, fashion accessories, gift cards/gift boxes, food samples, and other items.

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We offer a large selection of free samples from our product categories, we hope you find them exciting. We created Open World to celebrate the lifestyle of product samples. It’s a community of people who love novelty and are eager to explore new types of products. The community includes manufacturers, distributors, consumers, and influencers. We believe that by sharing innovative products information, we can change people’s lives and make them more meaningful

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Sometime during the second half of 2012, we were able to start producing a sufficient number of our twenty-five million cubic meters (25,000,000m3) per annum (scheduled for commissioning in Uchean province. We are very pleased that the free sample is available to you today and can be shipped immediately. Developing a product, the company’s price, product type, and the transportation methods of free product samples are provided, how to be sure to enjoy the free sample, etc.

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