You have to meet your readers. You have to pick them up. You cannot force them to read your texts carefully and less quickly. You have to accept that readers want to have it as easy as possible on screen. This does not mean they should not and do not want to think about the interesting aspects of the topic. They like to do that as long as they do not have to exert themselves while reading. And you control that. The help of the paper writing service happens to be essential now.

How to get your readers on the nerves

We can also make it difficult for our users. For example when the headline is long, complex, incomprehensible.

  • The teaser consists of long sentences.
  • The text cannot be skipped, because it consists exclusively of continuous text.
  • We have forgotten the descriptive language.
  • It is not fun to read the text because it is not well worded.

Write better online texts: the seven tips

Do it differently now. Stick to the recipe for success with which you learn to write interesting online texts. It consists of seven simple ingredients. If you use them, it tastes much better to the reader his motivation is to at least fly over your texts and then to read. This of course assumes that they are also relevant in terms of content that something new and interesting is in there. But we assume that otherwise we would not have chosen the topic.

Use the following seven tips as a checklist. Try to keep them in mind while writing and it’s best to review your article once it’s done. Let him lie for a few hours and devote himself to other things. Then print the text and read it with distance. You are then in the position of a reader and you will notice more if you have forgotten an ingredient. Then spice it up.

So write a good text for the internet

Awaken interest with headline and teaser

A headline consists of big, bold letters; it stands above a text or teaser and is a short piece of text. It is clear: it is read first or flown over. Is also understandable: Here is the relevant information in it, the new, the exciting. At the very first glance, the reader wants to know what the related article actually is about. And whether it is worth continuing to read. That reveals the headline.

It does not have to be long on the contrary. Six words are enough to convey the core message. That’s exactly what it’s about: the title is really supposed to carry only one single message, not several. Otherwise it gets complicated and that scares the user off. The six words are just a rule of thumb, and in exceptional cases may be longer. Write as concrete as possible what it is about. Artful word games disguise the content. It may be that a reader skims over the beginning of the text to understand what it is about but then he is already annoyed because they have forced him with the pun. Tell me clearly what you mean.