What is stock trading?

Stock trading is an online trade market where stock shares are sold and bought and the individuals who trade stocks are called stock traders. In earlier times, people used to buy and sell stocks by using landlines but in the current era of the internet world, it has become a lot easier to trade. Now with the help of electronic trading, people can trade all across the globe with ease. Stock trading can be done individually as well as institutionally. Individuals can use a lot of stock trading strategies and techniques to succeed in the stock market. Stock traders also fall into three different categories: informed, uninformed and intuitive. Stocks can be held for both short-term as well as long-term returns. Short-term trading is quite profitable but it is also quite risky. Long-term investing is more of a viable option as compared to short-term investing.

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Benefits of Stock Trading

Online stock trading is a beneficial and profitable opportunity. Since it can be done online, you just need an internet connection to open a trading account and have access to it anywhere & everywhere. Online stock trading fees are cheaper as compared to other traditional investment commission fees. If you are investing in bulk then you can easily negotiate the broker fees. These investments can be monitored anytime on your phone or on your computer. Since this trading is done electronically, it eliminates the need for a middleman and the investor has greater control of their account without any outside interference. Stock trading is quite fast and efficient because of online banking and transactions can be done instantaneously. It is not necessary to hire a broker in case of online stock trading. You can easily educate yourself on how to sell & buy stocks and manage your account well financially. 

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