Yes. I understand you are a business owner. I understand exactly what the real issue is. Your strengths aren’t accounting, documents, etc. You are strength is management & innovation. Issue is, the mundane tasks need to be done plus they appear to become taking on all of your time.

It Will not Work

What Entrepreneur has not heard that one before? It isn’t like like a youthful Entrepreneur becoming an adult you took in for your teachers or parents once they said “no”, so why would you care now? Do participate in it though, but review it upon your own instincts. If what they are saying feels incorrect for you, it most likely is. Rely upon yourself.

It’s Too Dangerous

They merely state that because they are too scared to consider risks. Not you, you are a business owner. You had been born for risk. It’s all regulated risk, with no security. If you are not okay with this, then you definitely should not be beginning a company anyhow.

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