Simple Packaging Ideas to Protect Your Fragile Products - Bizongo Hive

The world of packaging increasingly takes into account the external presentation of shipments. This is crucial, as it increases customer satisfaction. But you cannot forget to properly protect the content when it consists of fragile materials.

We are going to give you a few tips for the packaging of fragile products that you should take into account before your next shipment. Thanks to these suggestions, you will ensure that your product reaches its destination in perfect condition.

What Do You Have To Take Into Account When Sending Fragile Merchandise?

1. Choose The Type Of Filling Correctly

By filling the package, you will prevent its contents from being damaged by vibration or impacts. These are the most common damages in transport, so it is crucial. Separate each product, ordering them by resistance. Place the strongest items outside and the most fragile inside.

Fill in the remaining space. You can use the classic bubble wrap or its more modern version composed of air cushions. If the piece is bulky, you can immobilize it using foam rubber corner profiles or expanded polystyrene structures (the typical white cork).

2. Close The Box Well

The closing elements must be resistant to tears and friction, as it is almost inevitable that the boxes will suffer during transport. This is why conventional adhesive tapes, paper and string are discouraged.

It is best to use a box sealing tape (เทป ปิด กล่อง, which is the term in Thai). If the package is bulky, you will need polypropylene or polyester strapping. In case you send a large product or a large number of them, it may be ideal for making an external wooden structure and fixing it with steel strapping.

3. Choose A Good Packing Material

The outer material is very important if you want the package to be strong. The most common is to use cardboard packaging, which offers different configurations. Some of them are as strong as wood.

If the piece is very valuable, you should consider using wood. It will add style and resistance to the packaging, making it ideal for items such as bottles of wine or spirits and artistic pieces. For furniture, antiques and other bulky pieces, you can use plywood.