FinTech: Can you have a Career without Programming Knowledge?

With $210 billion in global funding for Fintech businesses in 2021, the FinTech sector is still expanding quickly. You need a strong marketing plan or a fintech marketing agency that will enable you to pinpoint your FinTech marketing channel if you want to position your FinTech company to profit from this expansion.

Most of the time, you must carefully examine and evaluate the success of more than one marketing channel. According to fintech marketing agency experts, it takes an analytical approach to choose the best marketing channel, where data is collected objectively, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are determined.

Without software that monitors traffic and marketing activity, it can be challenging to determine the best marketing channels in the financial industry. Here are the top 5 tools suggested by fintech marketing agency experts that you should use to assess your FinTech marketing channel:

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have tool for tracking website traffic and discovering crucial Fintech marketing channels. In actuality, Google Analytics is used by approximately 28 million websites. Google Analytics has additional tools that let you monitor more particular indications to find your FinTech marketing channel, in addition to basic features that track traffic and where it comes from. Though google Analytics is easy to use, you may need the help of fintech marketing agency experts!

2. HubSpot

According to fintech marketing agency experts, finding crucial Fintech marketing channels is centered on marketing automation. Thanks to HubSpot, a top marketing automation tool, your inbound marketing activities will advance. Hubspot automates vital marketing procedures, including optimizing websites, directing visitors to land pages, and distributing content to the appropriate channels at the correct times.

3. Upsight

For your marketing campaigns, do you need KPIs? The program for you is Upsight- a tool used by most fintech marketing agency experts and growth marketing agency experts. It has many mechanisms that let you examine user data, find performance indicators, and use this information to customize user experiences for essential marketing goals. According to fintech marketing agency experts, upsight is an incredibly effective tool for fintech companies.

4. Ahrefs

According to the growth marketing agency experts, you may utilize SEO as a key FinTech marketing channel. You can use Ahrefs to analyze the keywords that your rivals are employing and the reasons for their superior rankings. The program is an excellent resource because it has information on more than 240 million keywords. To increase exposure and ranking on search engines, it also enables you to examine backlinks for specific keywords. Ahrefs also has tools for content research and online monitoring that let you find trends in your niche and adjust the material you create accordingly.

5. MailChimp

Email marketing is one of the significant and influential marketing platforms for a FinTech company, as per the fintech marketing agency experts. MailChimp tracks email delivery rates, click-through rates, and answers to determine whether this is a crucial channel for your company. Then, it provides periodic reports based on information gathered from actual client engagements with your content.

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Tools like Google Analytics, HubSpot, Upsight, and others are essential in the fast-paced world of FinTech organizations to identify the best marketing channel as per the fintech marketing agency experts. These are intended to assist your company in increasing website traffic, monitoring email delivery rates, or researching the keywords that your rivals are employing. Gathering such data would be nearly difficult without these tools, so you must try them!