Despite the risks to invest in options, brokerage firms including UBS claim that they can formulate a low-risk strategy through these risky securities. The Yield Enhancement Strategy was designed for marketers to enhance their yield on investments and offering them an extra income. However, this strategy has risk and several investors who were not aware of all the risks were misled. The YES strategy involved a complicated “iron condor” strategy that involved buying as well as selling calls and puts. An iron condor is a strategy that included writing options all at once.

The UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy functioned till the time the market had very little volatility. However, if a stock market is highly volatile having large increases as well as decreases, this strategy may result in huge investment losses. Due to the recent market declines and spikes, several investors experienced huge UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy Losses. This investment strategy was very risky for some brokers and some investors. According to the YES strategy, it did not make adequate disclosures to its investors. Investors who have suffered losses can recover their losses via an arbitration firm. Investors can seek the advice of lawyers who can represent investors in this fraud. 

UBS Yes investors see financial losses

Beginning in late 2018 and in the beginning part of 2019, the portfolio of the investors of UBS who invested in YES trading programs suffered huge losses in the portfolios. The losses have enhanced though the investors expressed serious concerns regarding the portfolio. Some investors saw UBS yield enhancement strategy losses and they were asked to provide additional collateral. It appears some of the YES investors were not able to extricate their savings from the Yield Enhancement programs. Investors are facing additional losses besides the huge losses they have already incurred. 

The YES investors

The YES investors who have suffered UBS Yield Enhancement Strategy losses are encouraged to contact security lawyers for an evaluation of their recovery options and to offer helpful information and aid in the investigation of the attorneys. According to the finance industry regulations and rules, financial institutions should inform investors in advance regarding the risks that are involved in an investment program. Investors should be offered investment strategies and products in accordance with their risk tolerance and investment profile. When brokerage firms do not follow these rules, they suffer losses. Investors can recover losses through arbitration.

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