One of the biggest attractions to using cryptocurrencies for transactions aside from massively reduced fees, no middlemen, and much faster transactions is the privacy that is afforded. When you compare the likes of PayPal or Skrill which require your email address, full name, bank details on top of huge fees, knowing that your cryptocurrency transactions require none and in fact keep all of your information encrypted is a huge bonus.

That said, while your transactions are kept out of the hands of most, you are not completely private. Your ISP will certainly know that you are visiting trading websites and depending on the country you are in, this could have varying consequences. 

Using a VPN will give you added privacy no matter whether you just want to use it when trading or at all times when connected to the internet.

What is a VPN?

Think of a VPN as a private underground network that is encrypted. A virtual private network (VPN) masks both the source and destination of any data that is sent through it. Anyone using a VPN will be able to securely connect to a server-based in another country and assume its identity. This means that when you are trading, there is no way that anyone (including your ISP) can trace this data back to you. 

Not Only Privacy but Increased Security Too

Cryptocurrencies are worth a lot and because of their decentralized nature and the privacy and anonymity that they offer, they have become a big target for cybercriminals. You will have read of the many elaborate scams, schemes and hacking attempts that these criminals have used to get their hands on the cryptocurrencies of others in the past.

If somebody hacks and steals your cryptocurrencies, you will never see them again. There is no such thing as insurance that you might get with normal currencies at your bank or with your credit card. Besides, you will never know who took it in the first place.

Using a VPN is the best way to ensure that anyone that has their eyes on your portfolio is unable to get their hands on it.

Great Value for Money

A good quality VPN will not cost you much more than $5 a month and will give you hundreds of servers worldwide, unlimited bandwidth, and a whole host of valuable features. Some are even free to use but these are not recommended if you are planning to use one purely to help hide and protect your cryptocurrency trading.

It is better to part with a little money each month to ensure complete protection and access to the full features available. Free VPNs will usually have adverts or sell their data to make the money needed to provide you with their service for free.

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