Currently, electronic commerce is booming and is gaining ground in traditional commerce. More and more people prefer to buy online from anywhere in the world through an electronic device. For this reason, it is very important to attract customers to our online store and keep them once they are there to complete the purchase process. The majority of customers have doubts when they are browsing a website, hence the importance of using a chatbot in your online store to be able to talk to them in real-time.

What Is A Chatbot?

It is a computer program of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows simulating in real-time a conversation with our clients. This service can answer questions, give answers through the database of the FAQ’s, etc. All this is having a conversation in real-time. To do this, you first have to analyze the customer service processes that each company has and the most common conversations they have and then develop those responses and offer them at the right time to the users. These conversations are usually through text, but some server system (รับวางระบบ Server which is the term in Thai) chatbots have a multimedia interface.

What Is A Chatbot For?

The chatbots are used to solve any question related to the products or services of your online store and thus provide all the necessary information so that your customers have a complete experience. The customer is the key to your online store, and therefore it is very important to work that part. Being available for your users to answer questions about your products is something highly valued by customers and this helps them to finish deciding when buying.

Chatbots help reassure customers when they want to buy a product or service they have never seen. In addition to this, they serve to accompany customers during the process and minimizes purchase errors, one of the main reasons for the return of the products. 60% of eCommerce will use artificial intelligence solutions in 2020 and one-third of the revenue will come from this technology which also helps your tax filing (รับยื่นภาษี which is the term in Thai), according to reports, chatbots have become the new communication channel between the client and the company, and have meant a remarkable improvement in the relationship between the two.