The cryptocurrency world is so exciting right now. There’s so much going on and every next day is a joyful ride for everyone involved in it. If you have some knowledge in it, you know how many things are happening right now, and how much cool new stuff emerges every day. Learn more about it here.

Ever since Bitcoin appeared, people are waiting for the crypto world to crash. It isn’t happening though. It seems like this is not going to happen any time soon, if not even ever. While waiting, these people keep pointing out the dangers of investing, the environmental issues of mining, and all kinds of things. They just want to inflict negative light on the entire industry.

The truth about the crypto world is that it is doing great. The future is bright and all data points to it. In this article, we’re going to talk more about this topic and we will tell you more about the HODL token which is a new and excellent coin worth investing in. Read on and see more for yourself.

The crypto world is expanding

All points show that blockchain technology is growing and expanding. New markets open up every day, and the cryptocurrencies, by which blockchain technology is most known, thrive. The market analysis shows that on a global level, in the next few years, the cryptocurrency market will double in size.

Right now the market size is around $1.6 billion, and by the year 2026, it is expected to reach $2.2 billion if the 7.1% CAGR growth continues. With everything we see today, it seems like this number will increase even more and the number of over 2 billion might be much higher. See more about here:

DeFi is taking over

New technologies feeding off the blockchain invention emerge almost every day. Some of them are successful while others are not so much. One of the revolutionary things is the DeFi industry that may change the face of doing business in the future.

DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance and is likely to be the future of doing business. Decentralized finance is actually a way to do business and contracts without the interference of a third party, such as banks, governments, and other institutions all taking part in the contracts.

Everything happens on the blockchain, which makes the entire deal safe, fast, and seamless. The DeFi procedures are easily done, and they give true value to the entire blockchain technology. If the rise continues as predicted, we may see lots of famous world institutions turn to this way of working.

New coins emerge every day

Every day we can see new projects seeing the light of day. Nearly every new company or project is introducing its own coin. If they are involved in blockchain technology, they are most likely to introduce their own currency with which they will operate.

Their governance token, as they call it, will pay the miners and the people providing efforts for making everything work seamlessly.

As they say, the quantity provides quality, so in the ocean of new coins, you’ll be able to see lots of them that are not going to make any success and those that are proving themselves worthy. As an investor, it’s crucial to find and invest in those who are worthy.

Right now, there are more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies out there. Some of them are doing great and grow every day, and others don’t even make it through a year’s quarter. In both cases, they all add value to the crypto market and make it grow and thrive.

More and more users of blockchain technology are registered every day

Since February 2021, there are over 68 million blockchain wallets across the globe. Compared to 2017, when only 13 million were involved in this technology, you can say that the industry saw a tremendous rise.

What is more important is that more and more users are joining the trend and the industry keeps on growing. With every new walled and every new investor, the market grows even more. The goal is to have everyone connected to their e-wallets and transfer the entire world of payments through blockchain technology as it is safe and simple.

The new hit called HODL

Out of the many currencies, there’s the HODL token which has been around for only a couple of months. If you look at the chart, it looks promising. Compared to every other currency out there, it follows all the same trends that the others follow but will show significant improvement when the rest struggle.

If you’re thinking about investing in it, consider yourself doing a great deal. It’s best to start investing in something that’s still about to grow and the price is low at the moment but will grow in the future.

How to know who’s going to grow?

The most important part of understanding the crypto market is research. There’s no making sense by the hunch, but you need to research everything there is about a coin. Check out their project, do they seem promising, and do they have a well-described whitepaper and documentation in which they explain how things are planned to move in the future.

See how much is the market cap, check out how much miners are getting, and what’s the plane with the governance token. Check out who can get a chair on the board and be active in the governing of the currency. This is the only way to know if someone is serious, or is just a scam trying to get your money.


In every market, there are some bad apples and most of those that are good. You need to focus on those that are good and stay away from the bad ones.

If you manage to do this, you can be sure to explore the fun and profitable side of the crypto world. Invest smart and enjoy the wonderful future of cryptocurrencies.