If you are reading this article then you likely fall into one of the following two categories. Either you are a soon to be permanent resident applicant hopeful or you have unfortunately just received the dreaded rejection letter for your initial application. In a country with declining birth rates and a highly global society, it may seem odd to you as to why your application would be rejected. However, if you take a step back, you might be able to see that immigration is a highly complex issue, with many different factors involved. 

The application process on paper is fairly easy given that it is largely form filling and document preparation. However, a myriad of factors outside of this would determine your application’s success. In this article, we aim to cover common grounds for Singapore PR application rejection, which might give you cause to pause and to work on areas of weaknesses before your next application. 

Firstly, your educational background is strongly considered when making a PR application in Singapore. If you have graduated with a prestigious university with either a postgrad degree or a doctorate, then you have gained a competitive advantage over the field. The Singapore government is always keen to add talent who can increase innovation within the country’s many industries. As such, the ability to help companies innovate or carry out significant research and development are welcomed traits among PR applicants.

Secondly, the length of your current physical stay in Singapore is considered. The longer the length of your stay, the more confident the authorities would be of your willingness to actually continue living in and contributing to the country after granting your PR status. Additionally, it does serve as a proxy for how integrated into the society you might be. 

Thirdly, the reputation of your employer, your employment history, the nature of your job, the level of your salary and your overall existing wealth are taken into account. These factors determine if you are likely to continue being employed by your current company and the ability of you to remain financially independent. As such, it is important that you work for a reputable company while holding down a non-seasonal or non-temporary role within the firm. Naturally, the higher you are on the organization’s hierarchy, the better your chances are.

Fourthly, your character as well as your charitable contributions to society will be considered for your application. Continuous participation in charitable efforts that are aimed towards Singaporeans will boost your image in the eyes of the authorities. Moreover, it speaks of your willingness to give back to society. 

If you are still unable to determine why your application was rejected, or if you are unsure of how to improve any of the factors listed above, then it is time for you to enlist the services of a pr application consultant. Their expertise and experience will allow them to conduct a thorough check on your initial application, thus pin-pointing areas of improvement for your second application.

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