Despite what you believe, industries don’t change very rapidly – it’s often a really slow process. Even if industries die, it’s often a lot more like a sluggish-motion train wreck, and they still don’t die completely. Through the years, I have examined many industries which I have been associated with, and I have observed changes, along with the seem and rage of impending chaos, and incited fear. The truth is mostly it’s all regulated just talk, and industries are usually pretty entrenched, plus they don’t disappear overnight.

That’s not saying it does not happen, it may, but generally it requires a lengthy time, and there’s an transformative process as entrepreneurs determine a different way to earn money, or a method to modify their products and services to handle the changes. Now then, a few days ago I believed relating to this, and that i read a really interesting article within the oil change industry.

There is a fascinating article recently in NOLN – National Oil and Lube News on-page 74 entitled “Report: Electric Vehicles to possess No Immediate Effect on Lube Industry,” by Garrett Mackinnon, June 2011. The content comments on all the new all planet being released like the Nissan Leaf, Tesla Sedan, and Chevrolet Volt and also the article asks a great question if all of the cars visit electric, then does it modify the oil change industry?

Strangely enough in 2001 I’d an identical discussion using the editor of this magazine in Lubbock Texas where they’reOrhad been located, and that i had established that I was expecting at some point the oil change industry might have challenging with hybrids and all sorts of-electric vehicles or fuel-cell vehicles sometime later on. Now then, which was ten years ago, and here i am today wondering again.

Knowing because only two million hybrids happen to be offered within the U . s . States during the last ten years, which the typical quantity of cars offered each year is between 12 million and 17 million, the amount of hybrids is really a stop by the oil bucket, literally. You have to all-electric vehicles, and you will find even less of individuals. Actually, there most likely won’t be also 10 to 25,000 of these on the highway by The month of january 2012.

Thinking about there are easily 200 million licensed vehicles within this great nation, it’s rather absurd to consider that something similar to this could shut lower the oil change industry in the near future.

Actually in the rate it’s going now, it might never happen, as well as if oil prices increased to $8-$10 a gallon, it might take decades to construct the amount of cars required to displace the oil change industry. Likewise, the oil change industry might have time for you to evolve and adapt, and supply possibly other kinds of lubricants since these new vehicles would have moving parts. Even fuel cells have filters, membranes, along with other stuff that are replaceable parts, and someone must assist with the routine maintenance.