When it comes to marketing your business online, one of the most effective techniques there is, is through holding webinars. These live web-based seminars allow you to introduce your offering before high-quality leads at a cost-effective manner. Its benefits are promising, but the question is: How do you accomplish an effective Webinar planning and how do you execute it?

In this article, we are rounding up 11 strategy tips to help you ace your upcoming session.

Know your audience. Before allocating time and energy and other resources for your webinars, you need to know who your prospective audience members are. This way, you can craft a strategy with a clear goal in mind.

Be strategic with your topic. Webinars are mainly used to educate people about a certain topic related to your product or service (promotional segues are advised to be introduced in strategic portions). Hence, it is important to choose a topic that piques your target audience’s interest.

Choose the right format. Will you opt for a seminar with only one speaker, or more of a moderated panel discussion? Perhaps you want it to be more engaging by holding it interview-style. Whatever you choose, make sure to settle down with a format that adheres to and helps you achieve your goal.

Pick a suitable platform. One of the main aspects of webinar planning is choosing the right platform. When selecting a site that will host your webinar, take into account factors like your budget, audience capacity, and documentation features.

Optimize for mobile. Around 25% of webinar participants access your live stream via a mobile device. Hence, it is also important to note that your webinar should be optimized for mobile use.

Invite resource speakers. These people can be someone from your company or a known influencer or figure in the field. No matter which option you take, keep in mind to select a speaker who doesn’t only demonstrate authority but also knows how to engage.

Promote your webinar through your digital channels. A well-planned webinar will only be futile if it does not get enough promotions. Utilize your website and social media pages to let your target audience know about your upcoming online event.

Conduct a dry run. Just like a physical seminar or corporate event, webinars also need to be rehearsed beforehand. When doing your webinar planning, make sure to squeeze into your timeline when you will hold a dry run.

Prepare your script and visuals. While visuals help you convey your message and promote your offering more effectively, the script guides you about the flow of your webinar.

Plan how to engage your audience. One way to prevent your audience from getting bored (yes, they can get that feeling even with the presence of rockstar visuals and a reputable speaker) is to engage with them — by having Q&A sessions and live polls, to name some ways.

Go through your webinar’s analytics. Whether your very first webinar is a hit or a miss, it’s always a must to check your analytics. This way, you’ll have a clear picture of how you fared well and how your audience behaves. You can use the data to improve your next series.

Webinar planning is the most essential step you need to take if you want to try growth marketing through webinars. Contact us today at DCG Arts and let’s talk business.