When we decide to buy a property, there are several factors that can turn the realization of that dream into a nightmare.Regardless of whether the property is new or used, it is still possible to make mistakes at the time of purchase, which can cause major financial damage. For this reason, we now present the tips that you should have when buying a property.

Check if the person selling the property is actually the owner

Many strokes are performed in this way.The child, spouse, partner, enemy or even a thug can try to sell a property without the real owner knowing it.Demand original documents and personally take an updated copy of the property registration with a certificate of burden from the Registry Office. The notary will charge you a small fee.

Only deposit money into the account of the real owner. It appears on the registration that must be updated. Do not confuse deed with registration. What counts is what appears in the registration that is in the Registry Office.

Check if the property can really be sold

There are situations where the property owner cannot sell the property. If the sale occurs, it may be overturned by a judge and you will have to chase the loss.If the property serves as a guarantee for the payment of any debt, it cannot be sold.

This is the reason all the more for you to go to the Real Estate Registry Office and request the registration with the property’s security certificate.

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Types of Real Estate Law Services

The types of services provided by Lawyer Marbella and real estate lawyers have a direct impact on the cost to be paid per consultation. These services include the corporate, tax and real estate structuring of an investment; advice on property purchase and sale operations, asset financing and refinancing operations and real estate projects; global advice on the development of real estate promotion projects (new construction and urban rehabilitation); support in the field of horizontal property and in the preparation, negotiation and execution of urban and rural lease contracts; and full analysis and regularization of real estate portfolios, including registration, matrix and urban aspects.

Time spent for the process

“Time is money”, as they say in the business world. Lawyers and real estate lawyers value the duration of each case and, consequently, how much they will have to dedicate to it. As such, the longer the process, the higher the total price to pay, often adding to the costs of the court.