In this age of the internet, the popularity of digital currencies is also increasing tremendously. The concept of cryptocurrency became an immediate success as soon as it was launched in mid-2009. This also contributed to the eventual rise of the blockchain platform known as Ethereum.

However, choosing the right cryptocurrency to invest in is a big responsibility. Here are three reasons why you should choose Ethereum as your interest in investment in order to earn ether in 2019. 

1. Usage 

As the cryptocurrency market is evolving at an impressive rate, Ethereum is considered as the second-largest cryptocurrency term in the market and is placed in prime position by the experienced crypto investors. Due to the massive usage and popularity, Ethereum has become a core part of growing blockchain world. 

Ethereum is made available on all exchange platforms, which includes crypto transactions. The usage of ether is flexible and is quick at processing which approximately takes 12 seconds. 

2. Ethereum Alliance 

The Ethereum alliance that is also known as Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is a fortune of more than 500 hundred companies which includes popular companies such as Microsoft, JP Morgan, Intel, and others to form further Ethereum technology. Ethereum offers Ethereum blockchain as its service and ether as it’s a currency.  

The smart contracts that can be well executed and will disappear according to self destruct programs which are provided by Ethereum. You can create multiple smart contracts on the Ethereum platform with distinctive address but with the same code. Due to growing demand and usage, enter alliance has formed a community to develop and share knowledge and help each other with a digital currency called ether. Most of the institutional investors earn ether because of its high liquidity and reasonable valuation.

3. Remunerative and Future-oriented

Breaking through initial spikes to massive popularity, the cryptocurrencies are getting involved in large transactions from late 2017. Ethereum is future-focused and is expected to grow more in the near future. It is incredibly lucrative to earn ether according to the successful cryptocurrency investors. 

People are becoming more interested in purchasing privacy and are comfortable with the online world and transactions. Ethereum is programmed to stand up to the requirements and demands of the present economy.

Investing in digital currency is preferred by most of the leading traders and people in the market, and earning ether is an excellent option to consider in terms of investment in 2019.