Wrongful death is a death that is due to unnatural causes. Cause includes violent crime, a hit and run accident, faulty medicines, faulty products, negligence of others, etc. A person’s death could be called wrongful death when someone acts with a complete disregard for another person’s safety. These acts are usually done negligently and recklessly. If the action was intended to harm or kill, and as a result, the other person dies, then this death could be called a wrongful death. 

The reason behind a wrongful death could be many things. The most common causes of wrongful deaths are automobile or airplane accidents, malpractice of medicine or side effects of a drug, usage of defective products, malfunction of any machine at work, etc. If your loved ones died in wrongful death, then you can hire professional wrongful death lawyers from law firms just like Krasney Law.

Death Because of an Automobile Accident

One of the most common causes of wrongful death is automobile accidents. Automobile accidents can happen in a lot of ways. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, each year, nearly 40,000 people die on the roadway due to many automobile accidents. When a motorist drives his vehicle on the road, he has to be responsible and obey the traffic rules. He has to exercise caution while driving and drive his car safely according to the weather conditions. He also has to be mindful of others around him. When a driver hits another car or person, and that person dies, then it will be a wrongful death. The deceased family can file for a wrongful death claim against the driver and also the automotive manufacturing company that made defective breaks, tires, seats, or any other parts of the vehicle If the malfunction of these parts caused the accident.

Death Because of an Airplane Accident

Even though airplanes fly in the sky, usually a good distance from other planes, that does not mean they don’t have accidents. Along with automobile accidents, airplane accidents are also a major cause of wrongful deaths. For example, if the pilot of a plane was under the influence of drugs or alcohol while flying the plane and then it crashed, all the victims of the accident can sue the airline for wrongful death. It does not limit the liability if any of the parts of the plane were malfunctioning, causing the plane to crash. Then the victims can even sue the manufacturer companies of those parts.

Death Because of Malpractice of Medicine or Treatment

Doctors, surgeons, nurses, and all the professionals who provide health care services have the responsibility to take care of their patients’ health and safety. Sometimes some professionals may show negligence by acting or omission to act, and that is called malpractice. On the other hand, if a medical officer or pharmacist provides an unsuitable type or dose of medicine, then it may also be malpractice of medicine. Malpractice of medication or treatment can result in some severe injuries or death. When this medical malpractice results in death, then the family of the victims can file a wrongful death lawsuit. According to the United States Department of Justice, more than ninety percent of the recorded medical malpractice cases caused permanent debilitating injuries or deaths.

Death Because of Defective Products

It is not uncommon for a person to die because of the usage of defective products. If someone dies because of a defective product, then it may be a case of wrongful death. If a product is found faulty, then the one responsible for its sale, supply, distribution, manufacture, the retailers, suppliers, distributor, and manufacturers may be held accountable. You can file a wrongful death lawsuit against them.

Death Because of a Malfunction of Equipment at Work

Death because of a malfunction of equipment at work is also a common cause of wrongful deaths. This type of accident in the workplace is very unpredictable, and anyone could be responsible for it. Accidents such as machine malfunctioning, burns, explosions, falls, slips, etc. are common, and these usually happen at mining locations, manufacturing plants, construction sites, etc. In the case of these wrongful deaths, the victims could file the lawsuit against the employer because the employer has to look after the safety of the employees.