Just because the landlord owns the property, it does not mean renters do not have any rights. Whether your landlord is refusing to make repairs or return your security deposit, you are legally capable of taking action; however, you will need to fight for them. 

Here are the basic rights for homes for rent in Saint George Utah


One of the major reasons for disputes, security deposit return, is the common problem renters face. Many tenants have complained that when you move out, landlords charge for every small thing, such as slowed fan wings to dirty burner stove. The best way to avoid this hassle is to document each and everything as soon as you move in; take photographs of everything, including ceiling, floors, and appliances. Also, check whether all the lights, fans, heater, furnace, and other appliances working. Make sure everything is working because certain leases have clauses stating that if anything is not working, you should report it to the landlord within 24 hours. 

Repair and deduct

Another common trouble tenants face the landlords refusing to make repairs. You might find yourself in a condition where you find cockroaches in your Utah homes for rent by owner, but even after multiple repair requests, you see no result and end up going through the eviction process. In Utah, tenants have the right to “repair and deduct,” and if your landlord refuses to fix an issue that affects your living, you can take legal action to deduct the cost from the rent. 

However, the law also states that renters should be current on their rent to facilitate the repair and deduct. However, the landlord will have three days to respond to your written notice if the damage is affecting your health. If it is not, the landlord can take up to ten days to respond. 

To request a repair, a tenant needs to document the concern, date it, sign it, and keep a copy of it before handing it to the landlord. Also, be sure to hand the letter either by certified mail or by hand to keep proof. When moving out, legal issues can arise, so you should be up for mustering as many proofs as possible, including letters, photographs, receipts, etc. 

Also, make sure you can show the condition of the rentals in saint George Utah now versus when you moved in. You should also be able to show that you did every possible thing to get the landlord acquainted with the required repairs. 

Increasing the rent

So, you woke up a morning two days before the new rental month is about to begin, and your landlord sends you a message that he is increasing the rent by 5 percent from the next month. Can you take any action? Of course, you can. As per the laws in Utah, a landlord can increase rent every 52 weeks.

Moreover, he is bound to give you a rent increase notice at least 15 calendar days before the new month starts. If you are not able to pay the demanded rent, you can find a new place to live. If the landlord increases rent before 52 weeks or raises it before ample notice time, you have the right to use your legal rights. 


If you are living in someone else’s houses for rent in Washington Utah, they surely have the right to visit it, but not whenever they want to. As per rules, a landlord needs to give at least a 24-hour notice before his visit to your property. Landlords are free to visit the rental premises for checking repairs or showing the property to new prospective tenants, but they cannot breach your privacy by suddenly entering without any prior notice. If you find your landlord not respecting your privacy, you have the right to legal exercise. 


There have been cases where landlords have kicked out their tenants promptly without any prior notice. It is illegal, and landlords cannot do that. As per the laws, landlords need to give a three-day notice period before evicting the tenants, which followed by summons and a complaint signed by the court declaring that you are being kicked out. If your landlord breaks in and kicks you out, you have the legal right to file a complaint. 

However, there are no laws that stop landlords from evicting their tenants until it is due to discrimination. Moreover, if you don’t pay rent on time or display inappropriate behavior, your landlord will be bound to get rid of you.


Landlords sometimes take actions that are not legally acceptable. But, tenants living in rental properties st George Utah should be acquainted with the basic rights they have. Keep in mind the above points to take action against your landlord if they try to cross the line.

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