Many of our readers have asked us for it and therefore today we are dealing with, with a preliminary introduction, SafeMoon $ SAFEMOON, one of the most discussed tokens of the moment, which with a market cap of just over 2 billion is not yet among the most popular (and rich) of the sector. But thanks to a very active community, it could gain a foothold and broaden its reach like wildfire.

Recently born – we are talking about March 2021 – the token already has many supporters (and detractors) and we believe that the time has come to shed some light, find now where and how to buy Safemoon Cryptocurrency. Trying to understand what the present and prospects of this project may be.

Safemoon – cryptocurrency analysis

A project that aims to be an integral part of the DeFi – Decentralized Finance movement, a particularly crowded sector, but which, thanks to very important growth rates, could also guarantee space for newborn projects such as SafeMoon.

Against day trading, for a currency that is as stable as possible

The first of SafeMoon’s striking features is the presence of internal mechanisms that are meant to make the system (and token value) more stable. The purchase of tokens is taxed at 10%, of which 5% is distributed to the holders of the token (in proportion to the total) and 5% is instead automatically paid into the Liquidity Pool.

A system whose objective would be to reward long-term HODLERS and which would like (but we will see if it succeeds) to avoid large speculative operations on the value of MOON. With automatic liquidity which, too, should contribute to the stability of the token.

Static Rewards

Another interesting feature for the token are the static rewards, to eliminate the sell pressure that we have already seen on many tokens of this type in the launch phase. What have we seen happen with other projects, even of great depth?

A rush to buy, the provision of immediate liquidity with very high returns, and then having a dump once the APY have normalized. The mechanism implemented by Safemoon is supposed to prevent this – which – technologically, too, is quite interesting. With this implementation, the hit and run typical of infant project speculators becomes much less profitable.

On Binance Smart Chain

The protocol used by the token is Binance’s BSC, which compared to Ethereum offers, at least for today, the possibility of having faster transactions and at much lower costs. A choice that has been very common among newborn projects in recent months and that we believe to be the correct one, at least in this historical phase.

An innovative organization, but there are also detractors

A significant part of the tokens are in the hands of the development team – and this could only fuel some controversy, leading to the birth of (relatively organized) groups of detractors of the SafeMoon project.

As always, time will be a gentleman and indicate who was right. For the moment, what we can talk about is what the project is already capable of doing. With very high fees for purchases, a remuneration system for those who hold the token and automatic liquidity, the prerequisites for having a strong community would seem to be all there. But resisting the impact of time (and the arrival of more and more projects of this type, that is, based on the strength of the community) will be difficult.

And for the future SafeMoon aims to …

There are actually many projects that the Safemoon creators have included in their timeline. An App, a crypto wallet and even integration into video games should arrive. As well as the arrival on thick exchanges.

And also for the foreseeable future, including the integration into video games and the birth of a charity project linked to Africa. There is, objectively, a lot of meat on the fire. Now we will see if the group will be able to keep promises and deadlines.