In this modern era of technology, we are surrounded by tools, software, and other computer-aided designs. There are many tools, which have been introduced since the advent of technology. Amongst these tools, RDP software, otherwise known as Remote Desktop Software, has become one of the most used tools by IT professionals.

However, choosing the right remote desktop software is crucial as some of them have more tools and enhanced functionalities than others. It is why today we discuss and compare the 6 most prevalent remote desktop providers of 2021.

What is a Remote Desktop Software?

A Remote Desktop Software is software through which you can connect to another pc, or laptop via the internet from anywhere around the world. Unlike Bluetooth, you do not need to be in a certain range with the PC you want to connect to. Remote Desktop Software consists of numerous tools that help users to control the pc they are connected to.

In addition, the integrated tools in Remote Desktop Software help IT professionals remotely solve users’ technical problems or guide them with the specific software installation processes.

Keep in mind that Remote Desktop Software is not like screen-sharing software. A screen-sharing software does not consist of any tools that give access to remote users and is only used by users to share their screens for presentation. However, remote desktop software allows users to use other computers.

What software is the best for remote controlling a PC?

There are plenty of remote desktop providers. However, the 6 best remote desktop providers are specified below.


TeamViewer is one of the best Remote Desktop software that features great cross-platform compatibility. Through TeamViewer, you can virtually connect to numerous IT devices, which is one of the best benefits of the software.

TeamViewer also provides collaboration capabilities, which are based on cloud-based technologies. Through TeamViewer, users can share the meeting application, which is a great collaboration feature.

There are two versions of TeamViewer, free and paid. The free one has a limited number of functionalities, while the paid version offers great sets of tools and is great for businesses.


RemotePC is another great remote desktop platform through which users can virtually connect. RemotePC has an integrated voice chat feature, which helps users collaborate without and focus on innovative solutions.

The software is easy to use and is best for both home and large-scale businesses. Users can remotely control another pc RemotePC via its web application. There are numerous plans which users can choose based on their preference. Users can also sign up and get a 30-day trial with all subscription plans of this remote desktop provider.


LogMeIn is best for small-scale businesses and homes. There is also a pro version of LogMeIn that is tailored to meet all the requirements of large-scale enterprises. LogMeIn has specific tools that are data-orientated. The platform provides efficient and advanced collaboration capabilities and support solutions that are both secured and user-friendly.


GoToMyPC is another state-of-the-art Remote Desktop software that provides secure control with numerous non-tech-savvy collaborative features. The software is easy to install and also provides speedy file transfer between connected devices.

The best about GoToMyPC is that it has high-quality integrated sound tools which allow you to hear the sound of the pc you are connected to.

VNC Connect

Developed by the biggest tech firm in the industry, RealVNC is more of a screen-sharing software. However, it has numerous tools to connect remotely to a pc and configure its settings, manage file systems, or install any other software on the connected pc.

VNC Connect is used by hundreds of IT service providers who help them remotely resolve any technical issues on their customers’ computers. VNC Connect has multiple layers of security, including levels of encryption, which makes it one of the most secure Remote Desktop applications of all time.


Splashtop features a secure endpoint administration system and increased transparency. The platform supports multiple operating systems and has an immersive user interface. However, not all the features work on every operating system, and on each OS, Splashtop offers different features. Splashtop’s plans are costly as well. Overall, it is one of the best Remote Desktop Softwares.

Comparison Table:

  TeamViewer  RemotePC  LogMeIn  GoToMyPC  VNC Connect  Splashtop
Supports Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.Supports Windows and MacSupports Windows and MacSupports Windows and MacSupports all devices including microcontrollers (Raspberry Pi) as well.Supports Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.
No free trial is available. However, a free version is available with a limited number of featuresNo Free Trial is availableFree 14 Day trial is available7-day Free trialFree trial is available7-day Free trial
Cloud and web-based deploymentCloud and web-based deploymentCloud and web-based deploymentCloud and web-based deploymentWindows, and Linux based software deploymentCloud and web-based deployment


The above-specified points give a short yet-to-the-point comparison between the 6 best Remote Desktop Software’s. Different Remote Desktop Software has different features, so make sure to know what you intend to do with an RDP to select the more appropriate one.


Are all RDPs secured?

We cannot say about all RDPs. However, the above-specified are secure and have integrated encryption. So, there is no need for you to worry about your privacy and mishandling of your data.

What is the best deployment type?

 Cloud-based RDPs are more secure and have risk-free. You can also contact some of the best RDP service providers to buy the best RDP server.

How do I configure my computer for remote access?

Start your computer and launch your remote desktop software. Follow the onscreen instructions for the first time to get started.

Does remote desktop software support multiple monitors?

Not all Remote Desktop Software support multiple monitors. Hence, make sure to investigate this before choosing an RDP.

What are the features of the best RDP server?

Some of the features of the best RDP server are specified below. Routerhosting provides all these features at the same time.

  • Technical support
  • Reliable and secure connection
  • IPV6 support
  • Easy management and control