To sustain in today’s competitive marketplace most of the industries such as medical, food and pharmaceutical, military, aircraft, large scale manufacturing, etc. rely on the high performance, reliable and long lasting industrial computer (คอมพิวเตอร์ อุตสาหกรรม which is the term in Thai). An industrial computer is different from a commercial desktop computer in terms of rugged design features, performance, stability and reliability. Although the internal components such as CPU, Memory, Storage, etc. are same as desktop computer but as most of the industrial computers have to withstand wide temperature, vibration, moist, dirt and voltage spikes hence the internal components are made from alloy materials and the external area feature a robust aluminum chassis.

Immense benefits

Industrial computer has significantly enhanced the performance, efficiency and safety of the workplace. Industrial computer exceeds the physical imitations of human labor and thus are widely used in large scale manufacturing. The role of computer is evident practically every step involved in the manufacturing process. Some of the other benefits of the industrial computer are

  • monitor any given processes or components for possible discrepancies
  • simulate and generate realistic visualizations of possible outcomes
  • predictive maintenance  as catch and alleviate the problem before it has a chance to cost significant capital
  • streamline processes such as bill of material (BOM) creation and invoice generation
  • process production and control in real-time

Things to consider

High performance industrial computer are designed to handle an array of industrial-grade processes and vast amounts of rich data. Before investing on industrial computer consider certain factors such as

  • Environment in which your PC will operate
  • Go through the specification such as model name, internal storage, additional storage, programming language, display, resolution, I/O expansion slots, etc.
  • Extended product lifecycles
  • Mounting configurations
  • Size and space
  • Peripherals

Read reviews

There are many manufacturers that offer high quality and fully functional industrial computer. Before choosing any brand read the reviews in reliable forum and evaluate their performance.