In its simplest form, Time Sensitive Network or tsn technology is the IEEE 802.1Q defined standard technology which aims to provide deterministic messaging on standard Ethernet. Time Sensitive Network technology is centrally managed and it delivers guarantees of delivery with minimized jitter using time scheduling for real-time applications which require determinism. TSN technology is a layer 2 technology. In case of tsn the IEEE 802.1Q standards work at OSI Layer 2. Time sensitive networking is an Ethernet standard and not an Internet Protocol standard. Here the forwarding decisions made by tsn bridges use the Ethernet header contents and not the IP address. The payloads of the Ethernet frames are not limited to Internet Protocol and can be anything. In simpler terms this means that tsn technology can be used in any environment. It can carry the payload of any industrial application.

How and why tsn technology was developed?

Time sensitive networking system was developed in order to enable deterministic communication on a standard Ethernet connection. Prior to the development of the tsn technology market for deterministic communication was using nonstandard technologies or nonstandard Ethernet. Prior to the development of IEEE 802.1 TSN standards, standard Ethernet did not have pure layer 2 deterministic capability. Deterministic communication is important in multiple industries. Industries such as the automotive, manufacturing, transportation, aerospace engineering, etc require deterministic real-time communication. Providing a means of determinism over standard Ethernet helps in the development of new levels of connectivity and optimization. This in turn leads to cost savings for many industries. Thus in simpler terms, tsn technology not only enables deterministic connectivity in real-time but it is also a cheap option.

Consult with an industrial solutions brand in Thailand

In Thailand however industrialists have been quick to implement these technologies in their factory set-up. If you are an industrialist from Thailand and still have not installed the tsn technology then make sure you consult with an industrial solutions brand at your earliest convenience.