Bags are the most convenient form of storage to store anything from baby supplies, portable devices, and thousands of other things which makes it the most functional product for any market. Customers often just pick up a tote bag and head to work, or the grocery store, or the gym, or the mall, and any other public place. At these public places, different people come in contact with your customers.

This shows how a simple tote bag can give a large exposure to your brand. Research has found that branded bags have more advertising impressions than any other product used for promotion. This makes printed bags the perfect promotional product for your brand.

If your company is planning to use bags as a promotional product, then you can contact Customer Grocery to help you. They manufacture custom printed tote bags with reusable totes and other ecofriendly materials such as cotton. They provide the largest selection of reusable tote bags, of the highest quality and even allow the customers to design it for themselves.

Advantages of using tote bags for promotion

The following are some advantages of using tote bags as a promotional product in comparison to other forms of marketing.

  • Low Cost: Traditional marketing and digital marketing methods have a fixed running time. The companies have to continuously pay to keep the campaigns funded. However, the costs of promotional products are a one-time expense. Furthermore, the value of the promotional product lasts longer as your product remains in circulation amongst potential buyers.
  • Staying Power: Custom made tote bags have three most important marketable traits. They are functional, visually attractive, and portable. They solve the day to day problems of people and also catch the eye of anyone who comes in contact with your customer. Even if these bags are given to someone else due to it being unwanted, your brand exposure and the pool of potential customers increase.
  • Relevance: Tote bags with a simple design and logo are a safe product to target a wide range of audiences. A simple tote bag is loved by people of different demographic, ages, and socio-economic segments.
  • High retention: Wearable items have a higher success rate of promoting a brand. It is because of the importance that people give to their appearance and their clothes. People are also more likely to keep a wearable item if it suits them.

How to grow your audience with promotional bags

The following are some ways that you can promote your custom-designed tote bag.

  • In-store events: You can reward loyal customers with these bags or hold events to give such bags to customers.
  • Pre-order and Subscription incentives: You can show appreciation to loyal customers by giving these bags as part of their subscription package.
  • Employee welcome package: Your employees can also be given these bags when they first join.
  • Fairs and charity events
  • Public speaking events


The above-mentioned information proves that promotional tote bags are more successful as a method of promotion as compared to other products. Furthermore, the ways to give these promotional products can help in targeting a large audience.