With the proposed changes regarding Medicare and billing for PTAs and OTAs, knowing how you are going to approach these changes is an important part of keeping your practice afloat. While it is still only a proposed rule, it is likely that these new guidelines for billing Medicare patients are here to stay, meaning that you will need to adjust in order to avoid problems with taxes. One of the ways you can do this is by streamlining your billing process altogether.

Here are some ways you can make the billing process much simpler overall and help you to adjust to new rules.

Keep track of documentation

According to these updates, you are more likely to have to submit additional documentation associated with Medicare patients than you might have in the past. Documentation might include the exact time you spent with a patient, what consultation you offered him or her, and more. This means you have to keep a fairly exact record according to this new, proposed rule. As always, it’s better to be safe than sorry and make the extra effort to document patient visits as thoroughly as you can.

Consider where you store files

With all this new documentation comes the problem of storing more information. There are several types of cloud-based software that allow you to protect patients’ data while also give you easier access than a traditional file cabinet. Many physical therapy offices are now switching to a completely digital way of keeping patients’ files, while others still use a combination of the two. Of course, you will need to do what is right for you and allows for the most efficient way of keeping files.

Double check for compliance

While it might seem to add to the bureaucracy, double checking your Medicare physical therapy billing procedure before you send it in can save you a lot of hassle down the line. Before you submit any forms or documentation, check them over to make sure you didn’t under-bill or over-bill for your time. Again, while the new Medicare changes have not been officially set in place, adjusting to this as the new normal can end up benefiting your proactive well in advance.

Consider advanced software

Of course, if you don’t wish to bill manually, there are other solutions. Billing software has become more and more advanced lately, and it can automatically calculate the amount of time you should bill for with pre-programmed codes available. This can save you or your staff a lot of time from having to calculate exact costs, while also giving you the opportunity to avoid having to re-crunch the numbers. For those looking to adhere to the proposed changes in advance, this might be the best option.

In summary

Keeping updated on the proposed changes can help you to run your physical therapy practice smoothly and without issue. Once you have handled your billing, you can get back to the part of your job you enjoy—helping others.