Digital marketing has transformed the world of advertising. No matter what type of business you have, digital marketing can help you reach the sky. It will skyrocket the demand and sales for your business.

Different branches of digital marketing

Digital marketing has multiple branches. Most prominent of them are:

  • SEM, or search engine marketing
  • SMM, or social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • SEO,  or search engine optimization

These branches further divide into multiple other sub-branches, like Google ads, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, and so on.

Digital marketing for your business

Every business today needs an online presence. People find your business credible if you have a website. The first thing everyone does, after learning about a new company or business is, searches them on Google.

A website helps you show them your services and offers. They find you more reliable.

Social media and its benefits

Social media is one of the most powerful tools. There are multiple social media platforms where you can advertise your business or products, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Social media helps you:

  • Create brand awareness
  • Find potential customers
  • Retarget your existing customers
  • Generating leads

Influence your potential customers on social media

You need different strategies for different social media accounts.

Facebook fan page helps you create a page where you can create a community for your target audience. You can post valuable stuff there to attract more people in your community.

Instagram is a platform where people post pictures. Instagram accounts need to be visually appealing. You should create a great Instagram banner design [รับออกแบบ Banner IG, which is the term in Thai] to attract more customers on your account.

Similarly, Twitter is different in its own way.

Pinterest lets you crate pins. It helps you redirect people to your blog and website


You need multiple strategies for multiple social media accounts. All have their own pros and cons so look at them before you decide on one.