The current age is the age of automation. Now the term automation has a greater meaning than just the literal one. For instance, to most working-class people automation is something that must be stopped. On the other hand for the industry owners and leaders automation is the need of the hour. No matter, on what fraction you believe in, you cannot be completely right. There is truth to both the arguments here. The need for automation cannot be stressed enough. At the same time however, one cannot find fault to the argument that automation in the industrial sector will cause job losses. So the solution to this paradoxical problem needs to be answered. And quite ironically the answer lies in better understanding the scenario here.

What is gigabit ethernet and how can it be used in an industrial setup?

The level of automated technology that is currently available cannot take over human resources. It is a well established fact and everyone needs to accept it. So the solution is to amalgamate human resources with industrial automation technologies. Take the example of gigabit ethernet in this regard. It is basically the technology that is responsible to connect different types of machines with one another in an industrial setup. It is therefore, one of the most basic yet important technologies to exist today. Now connecting different types of machine will surely results in job losses for a class of workers. It will specially hurt the people who earlier to ethernet used to maintain the synchronisation of machines and their outputs. However, the interesting fact is that ethernet system requires a mainframe and server room from where it creates the local area network. And this is specifically where new people can be put to work. You see, every new technology that comes with advancements in the field yields only good for humans. And automation of the industry is such an occasion where the right balance between humans and technology needs to be created.

How important is it to find a reliable ethernet system provider?

However, the major concern for industrialists in installing an ethernet system is to find a reliable developer of the technology. But finding a god ethernet service provider in Thailand for example may be very hectic.