Everyone recognizes that a face-to-face call can often be difficult. If you are a supervisor, you may think you don’t have time to bring your coworkers together, or the news that you might need to offer your work may be hard to deliver. However, neither of these needs to dissuade you from chatting face-to-face with individuals you take care of.

Work rundown will work if everybody involved in the process is devoted to making it work. If you are a supervisor with a duty to deliver a group, it is your work to ensure that everybody within your work fully recognizes what work briefing [บรีฟงาน, which is the term in Thai] has to do with and why they are participating in the process. If you are a recipient of work instruction, your function is to pay attention, ask concerns and give useful feedback.

The Advantages of Work Rundown

  • Work rundown provides a channel for supplying clear messages and motivating open interaction
  • Prompt in-person communication stops rumor as well as the grapevine from acquiring credibility
  • It’s a wonderful form of two-way communication – it’s not almost notifying individuals; however, listening and reacting to questions and also concerns
  • It allows inquiries and ideas to be fed back from the staff to the top
  • It develops greater understanding and involvement whatsoever levels
  • Briefing creates a common sense of mission, vision, collective purposes as well as reasons why we’re right here
  • Successful group instruction guarantees that there is much less misconception within your group and various other parts of the College
  • It makes certain that personnel are kept up to day on efficiency, results, progression as well as policy modifications

When you have developed whether you are accountable for delivering a group briefing, for example arranging telesales operator [พนักงาน Telesale, which is the term in Thai], see to it that you recognize specifically that you are expected to include in your briefing. Keep in mind when holding your first work rundown meeting to describe to your work why you have called the instruction and what they can expect.