It does not always have to be time-consuming when trying to find the best shipment (ขนส่ง สินค้า ทาง เรือ, which is the term in Thai) service. Also, after you have found one, it is vital that you know the tricks and tips that would help you save money.

Find the most affordable solution when it comes to service agents by comparing if you are into business. A parcel delivery service would put into a consideration a lot of factors which would influence the amount you have to pay for international delivery.

Compare and Shop Around:

Well, finding the perfect delivery agent does not always mean that you would be getting the right cost estimate. It could be less or expensive. A lot of factors work when it comes to sending packages internationally. A quality company would be able to provide you with the right price quote and would take into consideration the height, weight, and distance.

Thus before you choose a particular service delivery agent, you must consider the prices. Several websites would provide you with the price quotation of various delivery websites enabling you to have a better idea.

Package Correctly:

An essential factor that you should never ignore while sending a document or a package is packaging.  It is a common mistake which often people commit is to over-pack the item. By over-packing, you would be increasing the weight of the package and thus have to pay more. Pack the item correctly and maintain a balance between the packaging and the cost that you have to pay to get them delivered. Use materials which are light like bubble wrap, etc.

Usage of a Postage Meter:

If you are in business, then having this small equipment would help you in the long run. This is a device that you could use to weigh the various packages, parcels, and letters. You could thus use this information to get an idea as to how much you must pay.

Also, another advantage is that not only do you save money but also you do not have to rely on a packaging service provider to weigh your item. Price of sending parcels abroad (ราคา ส่ง พัสดุ ไป ต่าง ประเทศ, term in Thai) could thus be minimised if you follow these few simple tips.

Also, another advice that most of the time, no one would give you is to send orders in bulk. This way, you do not have to spend money on delivery every time there is something that you have to send overseas.

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