Generally we have ample time when planning a move but then sometimes it happens so fast that it looks like almost impossible to pack all. Moving is a process rife with tiny details and individual tasks, but you just can’t follow that fixed plan if moving in a hurry. If you have an immediate plan of a quick move then there are some effective tips and tricks that can help you out in speedy sorting and packing your stuff.


Get rid of all the unwanted stuff including what you have not been using since years. Last minute move is the best time to sort and pack. The more stuff you get rid of, the less you have to pack and move, which means you spend less time, energy, and resources in packing. Don’t just pack everything thinking that you will be able to sort later as it will waste your resources only. Sell, Donate or even throw whatever is not required. Involve all the family members in the task of sorting. Ask them to take out the stuff they are not using since long.


Call your immediate family members and friends for help. Don’t hesitate as this is what family and friends are for, they would love to be a part of such last minute hustle. They are always anxious to help. Before you enlist them in the list, be sure what exactly you want them to do. You can take their opinion in sorting the things and can even gift them the stuff they need and you don’t.


Instead of hunting for suitable packing supplies, go and purchase directly from a moving store or office supply shop. Don’t waste time in asking from people around.  You can even search for a green mover who supplies plastic bins for your packing needs, if you are moving locally. It is the best way to move as it is not only good for the environment, but also eliminates the tasks of finding boxes for packing and getting rid of them afterward.


Start the packing process immediately once you are sorted with the packing supplies. Some items like large appliances and furniture may require special precautions and preparation before packing. Take good care of fragile items. Sort out all the important documents and store them in your personal baggage. Don’t forget to use labels and sticky notes to help yourself and movers to safely move the packed boxes. Labels will help you too during unpacking. You can easily locate the required stuff and can know which place the particular box belongs to.

Alternatively, if you have planned a last minute move, you can also hire professional, reliable and the best moving companies for help. There are many moving companies that provide packing services too. Being professionals they pack your all stuff safely in no time. Though they can be expensive, but you will be able to save a lot of time and energy, and also will be sure of the security of your expensive items.